Incheon, South Korea: Sunset and Ferris Wheel at Wolmi Theme Park

Wolmi Theme Park - one of the attractions of Incheon. 

After Incheon Chinatown, we rode a bus that took us directly to the entrance of the Wolmi Park. Above is a hiking area but it was too cold for us to try going up a mountain again. I just didn't have proper winter clothes but it was less than 5 degrees Celsius that afternoon and event went down to negative at night.

Incheon Chinatown and Freedom Park link: here.
Jajjangmyeon in Incheon, Chinatown link: here.

Then we walked towards the Theme Park area but first decided to take photos at the Lighthouse Road. It was, again, too cold so there's not a lot of people that time. 

That is the theme park.

I first saw that in Two Days, One Night. Kind of old unlike the theme parks you'll find in Seoul but I think that this is still worth the visit especially 'cause it's situated on a beach side and there's no entrance fee. 

This is a lot like Coney Island's Theme Park in New York City, USA. I haven't posted about that yet but yeah, kinda similar especially the location which is near the beach.

There are the prices for the rides. There were three interesting rides for me but it was too cold that I thought that I'll freeze if I ride the other two and so we stuck with the Ferris Wheel. 

Bought tickets and were excited to ride not only because it's a Ferris Wheel but 'cause we needed a temporary warm shelter from the freezing cold. 

It wasn't spacious so perfect for couples, perhaps? :))

Disco Pangpang - probably the most famous ride in this theme park. 

Had I known that I'll be able to go to Korea for two consecutive winters, I would've bought at least one proper winter wear. lol. Always underdressed for winter 'cause I don't want to invest for clothes since we don't have winter in the Philippines but probably will look into some ukay-ukay shops here in QC next year. 

Good spot for the sunset so make sure you're in the area to watch it.

After sundown, the temperature fell to negative Celsius so we had to find a convenience store to rest for a while. I think this was in GS25 and the ajusshi was selling us some hot packs which we politely declined (wala kasi sa budget. lol) but instead got a cup of hot chocolate.  After this, we went back to the bus station and waited for a bus that took us to the train station... and back to Seoul we went.

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