Unlimited Premium KBBQ at Fantastic Baka, Mother Ignacia

 Fantastic Baka, Mother Ignacia

As if the world needs another samgyeopsal and woosamgyeop post, I am constructing this. :)) It's been a while since my last KBBQ and actually, the reason why I no longer eat out that much is because a lot of KBBQ restaurants have sprouted like mushrooms and yet, not all are satisfying. Yes, nakakabusog pero hindi masaya 'yung iba kasi hindi masyadong bet 'yung lasa saka 'yung quality. 

Fantastic Baka is one of the very few unlimited KBBQ that I liked and will consider going back to. 

 Fantastic Baka, Mother Ignacia

The location is huge and there are private rooms on the second floor.  Mother Ignacia branch has a more expensive price than the SM North branch but I swear, if it says premium here then it is. I've eaten at the SM North branch as well but I was kinda disappointed though SM has a cheaper price. Na-set na kasi ng Mother Ignacia branch 'yung standards eh. 

 Fantastic Baka, Mother Ignacia

P 799.00 for the Premium Unlimited Promo

I'm not saying that you eat here all the time but this is a place to consider if you're into KBBQ and you're willing to pay that much for a better experience. 

 Fantastic Baka, Mother Ignacia

Even the sidedishes are premium as well. Plus, the soup mixed with rice reminds me a lot of Korea. Huhu. Kahit 'yun nga lang kainin ko, keri lang eh. 

Sampler Meat Platter

Just look at the marbling of the beef (right). That is my favorite of all that is in this plate. 

 Fantastic Baka, Mother Ignacia

There's melted cheese and drinks are also inclusive. 

Another thing that I liked about this place? It's chargrilled. There's a distinct taste to something that's cooked on charcoal and I prefer that over electric grills. 

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