Japan 2019: Fuchi Shrine and Nagasaki Ropeway, Nagasaki

First Time in Japan: Northern Kyushu Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips (From Hakata in Fukuoka)

On the way to one of Japan's best night views!


 but went there during day time HAHAHA

I don't remember what happened but we rode a tram from the Spectacles Bridge and then we alighted at a station that was still too far from the Nagasaki Ropeway. We still walked quite far despite paying the transportation fee - nag lakad na lang sana kami sa lahat. Haha! There's a bus station outside the lower station of the Nagasaki Ropeway so the best way is to look for the bus that stops at the station instead of walking like what we did especially if you've already paid for a ride. I noticed that we tend to panic a lot more when we were in Japan 'causing us to ride and alight at wrong stations but thank God for unlimited train tickets, no dents on the budget.

How to Claim and Use JR Pass in Fukuoka, Japan link: here 

Nagasaki Ropeway Schedule

We got there nonetheless. A lot of people go to this area at night because of the beautiful night light/cityscape but we decided to visit it in the afternoon since Nagasaki is too far from Hakata, Fukuoka and we couldn't risk missing the train back. Hahaha. Paranoid much. 

Upon entering, you'll first see the Fuchi Shrine. We weren't able to look around inside but during the cable car ride, we saw that there are a lot of tori gates at the back of the shrine.

For shrines and temples, you're supposed to rinse your mouth and wash your hands before entering. Doing this, you purify yourself first and it's a sign of respect when visiting temples.

I've been to a lot of Buddhist Temples but I'm still confused on the things that I must and mustn't do. 

First time in Japan and loved it to bits! I hope to be back for a lot of times more in this lifetime. hehehe

There isn't an entrance fee at the observation deck. All you're going to pay is the round trip cable car ticket to the summit that costs 1,230 Yen. 

An added attraction at night is this installation called the Tunnel of Lights which is composed of 7,000 LED lights. It's on a walkway you'll pass through on the way to the observation deck. 

Several Nagasaki, Japan souvenirs available at the lower station. 

Nagasaki Ropeway  ticket

Ready for the Million Dollar View that is atop Mount Inasa/ Inasayama, Nagasaki

Nagasaki Ropeway

The cable car was a short ascent from the lower station and it operated every 15 minutes. It wasn't scary but buses should be available for those who do not like riding cable cars. 

Nagasaki Ropeway

My favorite mode of transportation. <3

Daytime at Mount Inasayama, Nagasaki

The view would definitely be a lot more beautiful at sunset or at night since but going there during daytime means not a lot of people would be up in the observation deck with us. <3

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