One Rainy Afternoon at the Summer Capital of the Philippines - Baguio

I can't remember how many times I've gone to Baguio at this point but I'm sure that I've always gone there annually (bi-annual even) the past five years. Paulit-ulit but I still look forward for it every.single.time. 

Yup, kahit like my 2015 trip, day tour na naman for 2019. 

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Just remembered that there are a lot of places from my previous visits that I haven't posted here yet. Nonetheless, below are photos from Baguio 2019. 

It was, again, a spontaneous decision since we just went here straight from Manaoag Church in Pangasinan. We finished mass at 10 AM and we didn't want to go back home yet so did a Baguio sidetrip. 

Year after year, I'd see more buildings and a more congested Baguio which doesn't feel sustainable at all. I hope that the green spaces will remain there for the many years to come or better yet, I hope to see more green spaces in the years to come. I don't even remember seeing a lot of pine trees now. Di na rin kami nagpunta ng SM 'cause looking at the Sky Ranch there was kind of heartbreaking. I know that it's supposed to boost Tourism but I can't help but be sad for the trees that needed to be cut to make way for it, lam mo 'yon. :(

Tourist arrivals are partly the reason why there has been a boom with establishments in the area but I can't give up going to Baguio just 'cause I don't agree with the way they've been expanding. Ewan. It's my happy place - it has always been. 

We went there last August expecting bottles of ube jam from Good Shepherd only to be greeted by this announcement that they couldn't source raw materials. Okay. Wala naman kaming magagawa but then the other day, their post announcing that now have white ube instead of the violet one went viral on Facebook. And I, naturally, want to go back there just 'cause GUSTO KO KUMAIN NG WHITE UBE. Also, I wasn't thinking of posting this here yet but then I saw another viral post in Facebook where a restaurant in Baguio is now serving STRAWBERRY CHAMPORADO.


Miss mo na ako agad?! Hahaha

Uy, infairness sa Anello Bag ko... hindi siya nakakasawang gamitin at hindi mabilis masira. :))

Baguio and low lying clouds on a rainy day.
Gusto ko na lang isipin na it's because of the weather and mountain combo that Baguio is still one of my favorite places in the Philippines. I'm still hoping that I'd get to visit Sagada in the future but Baguio is more than enough, it has always been enough... buti pa siya enough. HAHAHA. 


Grateful for the small things, big things, and everything in between. <3

The rooftop of this mall (adjacent to the church) is my favorite viewing area. Mines View also has a great view but it can get a little crowded. 

By the way, I've done Mt. Ulap Reverse Traverse a few years ago and I'm linking it here below.

Mt. Ulap Experience

Naalala ko lang bigla kasi on this area, viewable 'yung malaking electric fan sa taas ng bundok or 'yung mickey mouse ears na malaki sa bundok. :)))

Baguio has become a lot more traffic these days especially when it's a long weekend. I remember we were there during the ASEAN week and they had to issue a class cancellation because the tourist arrival was too much. 

It's difficult to find parking spaces and so what we did was we parked our car in a paid parking area (NA SOBRANG MAHAL lol) and took cabs when going to the different points of interests. I am not sure if that move was the wisest and the cheapest but we thought that would be the best option for us back then. Hahahahaa. Dito lang naman din congested sa may Session Road area pero 'yung iba like Good Shepherd, Botanical Gardens, Mines View Park e parang meron naman available parking space that time. 

Baguio is walk-able city.

If not for the rain then we would've just walked around this area but the weather didn't cooperate with us anymore that afternoon and there were not a lot of covered spaces in Burnham Park.

If you're looking for the place where the night market is set-up, that would be the road beside this park opposite the public market.

Where do broken hearts go pa rin ba? :))) 

Ayan, talaga naman na wala kaming pinuntahan na bagong lugar para sa trip na 'to... iba lang talaga 'yung saya na binibigay ng hangin sa Baguio sa puso ko. HAHAHAHA. 

View from Baguio Craft Brewery. 

I don't always drink liquor but I like trying out craft beers. I've been here last 2017 and hung out in the area. They have different kinds of beer and if you're dining there, you may order a beer sampler. 
Strawberry Beer also called Lagud remains as my favorite in this brewery. 

This is it for Baguio August 2019... tignan ko kung makabalik ako within this year. lolz. dami budget, 'te gurl. kala ko ba magtitipid ka na. *mixed emotions*

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