Japan 2019: Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, Fukuoka

Lots of photos for this post 'cause I can't choose which ones to remove. For this park the main attraction for me was the Sea of Baby Blue Eyes Flowers - it's located on the flower hill and is only available during Spring season. 

First Time in Japan: Northern Kyushu Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips (From Hakata in Fukuoka)

We weren't able to go around the entire park; didn't even got the chance to see the Marine World building and the JR train station. HAHAHA! 

Our chosen mode of transportation going to Uminonakamichi Seaside Park was the ferry from Hakata Port. We wanted to try riding all the mode of transportation available in the area that's why we chose that since we've been riding the train for three days already. Also, we wanted to be nearer Tenjin once we return 'cause our chosen restaurant to eat at was Ichiran Ramen. 

Thinking about it now, you should be better off riding the train if you've got no plans of buying bus tickets or renting a bike inside the park. 

When we arrived at the Hakata Port, the next schedule of the ferry was leaving an hour and a half after. Waiting consumed a lot of time for this day because it also took us a while before we found the Hakata Port. We thought that it would only be a short walk from the train station but Google map deceived us. :))

There were stores and this fish tank which kind of entertained us during the whole wait. Good thing we saw this there because we weren't able to make it to the Marine World Aquarium. :)) 

The round trip ferry fare was 880 Yen from Hakata Port to Saitozaki v.v
This is the cheapest option among all the mode of transportation available in going to the park but the most inconvenient too if you're not fond of long walks. :))) For us, it was good enough and would've been a lot better if we didn't get "lost" majority of the time we were in the park. 

I forgot to take a photo of the ferry boat but it's not as big as the one in the background. 

The ferry ride was around 20 minutes and we stayed at the open area for a better experience. lol. Cruising in Fukuoka feels. HAHA! 

Cruise ships, container ships, and ships bound for Busan, South Korea depart from that area. I know that Fukuoka is not too far from Busan but I was surprised to know that Fukuoka is geographically closer to Seoul, South Korea than Tokyo, Japan. 

The entrance fee for the park is 450 Yen per adult. I don't know what's with the three numbers on top 'cause that is definitely not the date of our Fukuoka Travel. 

You can rent a bicycle and there's also a bus that goes around the area of you don't like walking. We wanted to save on the transportation costs and we didn't have problems with walking and so.....

we walked...
and walked...
and walked. 

It took us a lot of walking from the ferry station to get here and that wouldn't be the case if you rode a train since that will drop you off closer to the attractions of the park. Although yeah, it's not everyday you'd get the chance to walk in this area so it's still not bad. 

There were lots of flowers blooming by the entrance but it was only the beginning of Spring that time which is why other places/ gardens that were supposed to be blooming and filled with flowers were still bare.

There were several of this miniature garden lined in this area. 

We were following a map but it very easy to get lost. We didn't care much 'cause it was fun to just look around and feel the breeze but then, it felt like we weren't going too far even after all the walking. 

Photo above is taken on one of the gardens. It was beautiful with all the red bricks and flowers but we've already visited Huis Ten Bosch before coming here so the amount of flowers that time was a bit underwhelming. If you've got no budget nor time for Huis Ten, this is good option for all the flower viewing though. 

It's us who've arrived a bit early for Spring. :))

This place is really beautiful and well-maintained though. Make sure to bring your snacks/lunch and water because I didn't see any store in the places we went to. 

Favorite part of the whole park was this flower hill filled with Baby Blue Eyes!!!! <3

While searching about Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, this was the place that constantly came up in the search and we were really looking forward to this. There's actually another placed called Nokonoshima Island Park but going there was more expensive than Uminonakamichi so we chose this. Good choice!!!!!! This flower field made up for all the walking and waiting! 

We may be a little bit early for Spring but Fukuoka has been generous with us 'cause there were a lot of "early bloomers' such as these flowers and the Sakura trees. 

We continued walking and we found a zoo. The entrance fee was free so we checked it out. Unlike the usual zoos, most of the animals here weren't caged but fenced.

Another flower field inside the zoo. 

We looked for the ocean but it felt like we were only walking around at the same place the entire time. HAHA! If you like destinations like this, it'd be better if you have the entire day to go around the whole area and make sure to rent a bicycle if you're staying for a day. 

Found it and it felt isolated. The sea breeze was too cold that time that we only stayed here for a short time.

Genkai Sea Overlook

The land across would've been Busan. 

At this point, we were starting to feel jealous of those who rented bikes. :))

We haven't seen a blooming sakura tree yet that time so we were kinda accepting the fact that there is no cherry blossom sighting on our first Spring travel to Japan. 

Going back to the train station, we passed on a different road and we saw this playground and the swimming pools area. 

 Before leaving the ferry station, we checked the schedule and so we only went back at around 30 minutes before the ferry departure. We had more picture taking at this area 'cause you can never have too many pictures, right?


If only we're able to beautifully grow this much flowers in our parks, it would've been nice to walk around too. 

This is the end of our Uminonakamichi Seaside Park Sightseeing.

We barely covered the entirety of the park 'cause it was too huge to be covered by foot and we were getting hungry as well. Okay na with the flowers especially the baby blue eyes field!!! <3 

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