Karaoke Republic, Diliman, South Triangle Review

While I sometimes went to Karaoke places before, it was only while I was living in Busan, South Korea did I get comfortable in singing. Comfortable ha, hindi magaling. I got comfortable in having a great time in a Karaoke place even if my singing voice is not that good- either para kong tumutula or para kong umiiyak. HAHAHAHA. 

Kaya ayan.

Never thought that there will be a time in this lifetime when I'd have my go-to karaoke place. HAHAHA But here it is, Karaoke Republic in Timog is a place that we frequented in the past months. 

I liked Karaoke Republic because of two main things - their location and price. It's easy to locate though parking might be hard on some nights. The prices of the food packages and beer buckets are reasonable as well - hindi nakakakaba especially on looooooong nights when we decide to just make our karaoke session open time with buckets of beer dahil maraming baket. lol I just hope that they give out disposable mic covers though. 

Aside from the remote, they have that tablet on the wall where you can choose songs. Waiters are fast as too - one call then they'd be at the room in no time.

There are small windows on the door but still private. 

For the songs, they have an updated song choices and there are also songs from different languages. 

Below are some of the promos you can avail in Karaoke Republic. 
Karaoke Republic Price

Karaoke Republic Price

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