Staycation: City Garden GRAND Hotel, Makati

GRAND has to be capitalized for this post because there's another hotel named City Garden Hotel in the vicinity. We were a bit confused with that at first but yeah, we double checked which one has the rooftop bar and it's - City Garden GRAND. 

We arrived late for check-in but for some reasons, the room was still not ready when we got there so we ended up waiting for another two hours at the lobby. 

Above are photos from the room.

The room was huge, comfortable and clean so we had no problems with it and somehow, our negative impression with the hotel because of the long wait was appeased. My favorite thing, from the entire room, is the city view.

There's something about staying in Makati without worrying about the traffic in EDSA when going back home to QC. :))))) Sobrang bihira ko na mapunta doon ngayon kasi sobrang malala rin 'yung traffic. AHAHA. 

That afternoon, it rained hard and we couldn't go out so we just swam at the rooftop pool. We were only the ones swimming that time which is a good thing 'cause it's not too big and it can get definitely get crowded on some days. The rain got harder and harder so we decided to sit for a bit in the Firefly Roofdeck Bar while waiting for the rain to stop. 

Firefly Roofdeck Bar

This is the Firefly Roofdeck Bar - the reason how we learned about City Garden GRAND Hotel 'cause it was once viral on Facebook because of the view. We thought of going there once for dinner but we decided to do a staycation instead. 

Baguio??? More like bagyo. HAHAHA. 

I've seen a lot of skylines from many different countries but Metro Manila is still one of my favorites.... kahit ang hirap mahalin ng Pilipinas on some days.... hahaha. Humugot pa eh. 

Outdoor pool + Hot Tub

Truly is a beautiful view from the rooftop bar. 

We waited for sunset before going back to the hotel. Afterwards, we went out to eat dinner. There were a lot of restaurant choices - this is in Poblacion, Makati afterall. 

After dinner, we went back to the rooftop deck to just stay near the pool area and talk. Another thing that would need patience is the elevator during the "peak hours" of the restaurant because it would take a while before you're able to ride. Dalawa lang kasi ata 'yung elevator for the entire hotel and yet it has to service not only the people checked-in but also the people going up to the roof deck. 

During this time, there were already a lot of guests at the bar but we didn't mind. Hehe. Maganda pa rin naman at hindi ganon kaingay. 

The room rate we paid was breakfast inclusive.

The buffet spread was wide. There were a lot choices and it made our stay more "sulit" especially that staying in this hotel wasn't really that expensive to begin it felt like it still. 

Overall, our experience was City Garden GRAND Hotel was great and bang for the buck. I just hope they improve their check-in process 'cause waiting in the lobby when you're supposed to be in the hotel room is kind of irritating... syempre kasama na sa bayad 'yung two hours na nawala sa amin. Hehehe. 

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