Visa-free Taiwan for Filipinos: Accommodation in Ximending + Taipei 101

This post will include Ximending Night Market, our accommodation while in Taiwan, Taipei 101, Ximending in the morning.

After strolling in Maokong Village, we headed back to Taipei Main Station to get our things from the locker. From there, we decided to just ride a cab to Ximending.

I suggest, however, upon booking your accommodation to locate it on google map. There's a nearby train station there so it's also convenient and cheaper if you're not travelling in group. 

We booked Cozy Room in Agoda. There isn't a sign. We were able to locate the address but couldn't find the room and we weren't able to contact Rex beforehand so he didn't know what time we were coming. 

The lady from the souvenir store helped us contact Rex so we waited in her store for around 20 minutes. 

We were supposed to go out after settling down but we were all exhausted that we immediately slept.. and poof, it's the next day already. :)) 


Above is the picture that I've always wanted to take eversince Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. hahaha!

Fast forward, I'm now using Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Loose Powder now. Link: here. 

Taipei's Ximending feels so much like South Korea's Myeongdong.

Early in the morning, most of the stores are closed and there aren't a lot people. Much different from the lively crowd it has in the evening. 

We were thinking of going to the Starbucks of Taipei 101 but the need for reservation was a big factor that's why we didn't do it. It was only during our waiting time for the train to Ruifang did we have the time to go to this area. This picture was taken just outside the train station. 

At night, when Ximending Night Market is on going. You'll see vendors of clothes, souvenirs and food lined up along the street. 

Love this Xiao Long Bao breakfast day with Park Seo Joon oppa. HAHAHA!! 

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