Monday, July 30, 2012

한국문화원 도서관

Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines' Library

Despite the fact that I've been to KCC for so many times, it's only my first time visiting the library. And I don't know if this is prohibited or what but my friend and I took pictures when we went there. 

내 뒤에 책들이 다 읽을 수 있을까?
 I'm still far from being fluent with Korean but I'm glad that I'm now able to understand some.

Anyone can enter the library to read books or watch Kdramas. I think, you're not just allowed to a borrow anything if you're not a library member nor a student.

KCC's Living Ceramics: The Modern Touch of Korean Heritage

There's a Ceramic Exhibit at Korean Cultural Center (KCC) at Taguig.

 Installed for the celebration of their First Year Anniversary and would be available for viewing until around October.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ice Skating at Mall of Asia

My friends and I tried ice skating at MOA yesterday, we were all first timers except for one. She knows her thing while the rest if us were trembling at first, trembling with excitement? fear? low temperature? I say, ALL.

For P 390.00, an unlimited weekend pass inclusive of shoes rental and the chance to learn a new skill... worth it, isn't it? 

P 30.00 for a locker, and there are also available kuyas whom you can pay for skating tutorials.

P.S All pics are from them, I can barely manage skating much more operating a camera. 

There isn't a different fee for shoe rental, it's included with the entrance fee, just have to bring your socks with you.

I learned.
But only when I have companions I can skate from one end to another.

I didn't fell down,  but I didn't skate around alone that much either. I had to stay by the sides so I'd have something to hold onto on most times. Or I'd have to ask them to stay with me and go near the center so we can skate alone going back to the railings. Haha
Foam snow

This is what I'm talking about, 50% of the time, I was just there practicing at the sides. Hahaha.

It's not like I came there with the expectations of learning nor being good, but I did! Well, not that good, but I learned. I just have to try skating again and maybe break through the barriers that are stopping me.

You may learn the basics from watching,  from reading a book and by asking pointers from others, but the best thing is to get down there and try. You may need the help of others or look for something to hold onto at first, but once you've gathered enough courage, you'd be able to let go of the railings or hands of your friends and go farther by yourself. 

It was a tiresome but very enjoyable night!
Now waiting for our second time..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kenny Roger's Roasters at POWERPLANT, Rockwell

It is not my first time to eat at Kenny Roger's, I've eaten there like so many times but our visit to a branch at Powerplant is a different story. 

'Cause of the different service.

There you'd be given a menu while seated, and they'd bring you the bill after you eat. Unlike in other branches where you'd have to form your line and pay upon ordering. PP's branch also didn't have those budget meals. Maybe because it's a sosyal place. Why was I there anyway? haha.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Estrel's Cake

Celebrated my nth birthday with a Caramel Cake from Estrel's!

It's not the first time that I ate their cake, and it's delicious as always!

For those who haven't tried, it's a break from your usual cakes.

Designs are simple yet elegant, not that sweet yet creamy.

But the best thing is you're assured that you're getting nothing but freshly-baked cakes since theirs are only made to order. It's also best consumed on the day of purchase because they don't include preservatives in the ingredients.

Kung tinatawag mo kong "Tin-Tin," malamang sa hindi, kamag-anak kita o nakilala mo ko nung kabataan ko. Pansin ko lang. Di talaga sanay na Tin lang, kailangan, paulit-ulit. 


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sambokojin Smokeless Grill, West Avenue

Picture Heavy.
And I've gotten heavier too. 

This is the first time I ate here at Sambokojin, there's a new branch at West Avenue so it's closer to home. No need to travel to Eastwood and EDSA.

My friends asked me if we should make a reservation since they did when they ate at Eastwood branch, I told her no since it's lunchtime weekday anyway. But the reason why I didn't was because I was too lazy to call. Good thing we arrived there first, yes, we opened the restaurant! (But, I guess, to be safe, just make reservations)

We were so shy as we entered, they were all like paying attention to us. It was the first time for me to experience that there was someone grilling our food in an eat-all-you-can and he also introduced the sauces on the table and the buffet rules. It made us feel uneasy (Sa fastfood kasi madalas eh. Hindi sanay ng inaasikaso. Haha) but I commend that still, the service was great! Also, we need not to ask for water refills and table clean-up, they were really attentive.

No macro shots but still okay, I guess.
I had to make it work. 

And the grilling and the "gluttony-ing" shall begin.

Those are the sauces.
especially loved their very own, Sambokojin Sauce

Several kinds of tempura to choose from and tofu with beef.

First time eating sushi with kiwi fruit.
Ssang Chu Sam!!
Loved the anchovies and sweet potato from the Korean banchan section. Gusto ko pa ngang kumuha eh, nakalimutan ko lang.
there are tiger prawns, super sarap lang.
I heart prawns!
Miso Soup
They'd ask which soup would you prefer, we told him to decide for us and gave us this.
Undecided first-timers!

Kamameshi Rice
I would always refrain from eating rice whenever it's an eat-all-you-can buffet, but this is a different thing.
And they served us sauces, tig-isang container na maliit lahat.
I mean, nasa table lang naman but they poured it for us still.
Oh, so pampered!
Tadah! Clean table once again.

Time for desserts!
I loooooooved everything on this plate. And there were more choices but these were all I could handle.
Grabe! Busog!

That awkward moment when your desserts have better lovelife than you. Haha
Sabi nung friend ko when I pointed that out, "I-kain mo na lang."

So here, ice cream! What else can uplift your mood than an ice cream and chocolate?

Pero, di naman ako masyadong malungkot over that thing.

Super sarap lang mag-takaw kanina kaya maraming nakain.

Showing off my nail art... baliw lang.
Tip namin? 4.00
Haha. Sorry naman, mga batang walang sobrang pera na.

Today, a friday and lunchtime, the rate was P 499.00 per person.

First time, and hopefully not the last. There are still way too many foods to try. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Etude House Matte Top Coat

I purchased a Matte Top Coat from Etude House.
P 198.00

Sorry for the picture quality. I'm currently having my other camera repaired, and the cam that I'm using now doesn't have a macro setting. 

This is my third nail art design. I had this on my finger nails for like a week.

I didn't really want to make a new one but since the polish on my left index finger chipped, I decided to and this is the end result.
I was lazy to make designs for all my 10 fingernails so I just created an accent nail design. (Yes, meganon!!)

The last two pics were after I top coated it with the Matte Top Coat, I'll be uploading a more decent picture soon, maybe on another design. (Still hoping that my Canon is repairable)

I really liked the effect of the top coat, I liked matte nail polish eversince the first time I tried it but as I looked for it, a bottle is a bit expensive so good thing I found this top coat at Etude, this saved me so much money. And, I can now mattify all the nail polishes I have.

Guess who's now starting a new collection. Hahaha.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Human Heart Nature (Sunflower Beauty Oil and Sunflower Cleansing Oil)

My beloved happy flowers oils!

I've been using these since April, both are already half-empty... or more than half-empty.

Product descriptions and prices can be found here at Human Heart Nature's website.

But here's my comparison:

1. SCO has a bigger bottle (200 ml) compared to SBO (100 ml)
2. I prefer the pump of SBO though, the product is more controlled. 
3. Eventhough I initially thought that I'd like the scent of SCO, I now prefer the scentless SBO.
4. SBO has no problems when being brought to out-of-town trips or anywhere else because it has a cap.

1. Both have manufactured and expiration dates (HHN products usually have a shelf life of one-year)
2. It was hard to find these at malls, you'd have to find a re-seller near your place, go to their main branch at Commonwealth Avenue or order online. 
3. Both containers can get greasy overtime. (DUH.)


 I spread a drop of this every night around my eyes. 
I am not sure if there was a change with my dark under eyebags. Okay fine, there aren't any! But actually they're innate so I am overlooking that though I hope I notice a change soon. What I'm really happy about is that moisturizes and strengthens my eye lashes, there was a decrease with them falling out. It has been a more than a year since I started curling my lashes and I'm worried that the curlers might damage them in the long run. This was my main reason for buying this and good thing it worked.

My eye lashes curled.
It also works as an eye cream. 
A great leave-on for swimming.
I've been on a lot of (swimming) trips last summer and I was afraid that long sun exposure and water would damage my rebonded hair (just like what's posted in the salon). I lathered this on my hair before swimming and I never had to worry about my hair drying out. Also, there were less to no tangles after. 

No hair treatments for the whole month of June, instead, I just applied this (sometimes SCO) on some nights before going to bed.
Does the job of moisturizing my hair and it feels softer after washing. Hehe. (My rebonded hair still looks good after 7 months. (Yey! Sana hindi na masira and/or sana hindi na bad hair day madalas kahit mawala na 'yung na-rebond na buhok. Nakakasanay 'yung aalis ka ng bahay nang kahit walang suklay at pang-tali, keri lang. haha.) I really wish that this one's doing its job for my hair, I'm seriously loving having no bad hair days.

I used as lip balms on some nights
Whenever I've pumped more than what I use for my eye area, I put the rest on my lips. Great moisturizer on the lips and doesn't darken.

Helped relieve itches from insect bites.

I haven't tried using this on my underarms, pimple scars, stretchmarks etc. but I'm thinking of doing that. However, there was a time when I applied this on my whole face for like, three straight nights and ended up with few bumps so I discontinued.  

I don't apply make-up all the time but I still bought this and sometimes wipe my face with this first before washing with soap and water at night.

The main use of this is for removing make-up, but I also apply this on some nights on my hair and it had the same effects with SBO.

Even though I always try to control the strength of my pumping, I still end up with having more products that I need to use so I spread the left products on my hands. My hands would feel soft and moisturized.

Cheap, organic and do their jobs.

I'm glad I decided to try using this product.
There are more uses left to discover. Hehe

(If you're gonna buy amounting to more than P 1,000.00 and wants to avail the 10% discount. Tell me and I can refer you to a re-seller. HHN minus the hassle of finding stores near you. :D)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mr. Kimbob (Korean Healthy Foods)

I haven't been eating at new restaurants and/or trying out other stuffs from fastfood joints lately.
So I'm stuck with the foods I've eaten many times before

Here's Spicy Pork Bibimbap from Mr. Kimbob at SM North Food Court

On my previous visits, I'd just ask for a gochujang in a small plastic container so I can adjust the spicyness but they told me they don't give out chili sauce anymore. For some reason, this whole meal wasn't as "happy" as before. Yes, it's still tasty but... I don't know. Was it because they changed the texture of the meat? Or I was just not that hungry when I ate here?

Whatever the reason is, I think I need a break from this.
After some months, cravings for this should naturally go back.
Kimchi Bokumbap
(P 85.00)

 I did took a break from their bibimbap and ordered this instead.

Well, it's basically the same (where you are to mix everything in your plate) except the other vegetables that are found in bibimbap and this has kimchi fried rice (that only tasted more like gochujang fried rice.)

This was good albeit spicy but I think, now, I'd have to take a break from ordering anything at Mr. Kimbob although I've only eaten there around 8 (?) times since last year; their foods aren't making me excited and happy like they did before. Or perhaps, my tastebuds are more refined now since I've tried eating at, what should I call them? Native Korean Restaurants? Authentic Korean Restaurants?

But, if you want to try something else at SM foodcourts or looking for cheap Korean foods,  it's one of the joints I'd recommend. Budget-friendly, healthy, delicious, and can really fill your hungry stomachs. 
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