Thursday, March 31, 2016

Foot Spa at KitcheNails, Trinoma

Looking for a place to relax in Trinoma? Go to KitcheNails for a rejuvenating and relaxing session of foot spa and hand spa. :)

This time, it was foot spa for me.

For reservations, you may reach them at 625-2804/ 09431296504
There's also an ongoing promo from March 1 to August 31, 2016.
Going there has been one of my non-negotiables. Hehe. I'm always looking forward to visit them during my free time. 
In line with the theme, it's a non-stick pan with place mat for your foot soak. Hehe.
What I had was Fruity Tutty Mania. 
One of the most hygienic place you can find. Pushers, nail cutters and other tools are all sterilized. 
Haaaaaaaaaaaay, <3 Go na. ;)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hundred Islands National Park 2016: Cathedral. Quezon and Children's Island

As the name suggests, the cave in this island looks like a cathedral and they've also placed an image of Mama Mary there.
I didn't like the beach and the water in this island but bearable. There's a zipline that is shorter than the one found in Governor's Island and there's also a kayak available upon rental. 
The children's island is probably named that way because of its shallow water. Haha. This is only knee deep, was just pretending it wasn't. 
So this is the end of our Hundred Islands Day Tour..

We've visited:

Tourists' Center with Rates
Governor's Island (Viewing Deck & Zipline)
Marcos Island (Cave Cliff Diving)
Macapagal Island (Snorkeling, Banana Boat Ride, Reef Walking, Giant Clams)
Quezon Island
Cathedral Island
Children's Island

We went to another island which has a cave but we didn't go down to look around. 

Overall, visiting Hundred Islands National Park was definitely worth it. Can't believe it took me this long. :)))

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hundred Islands National Park 2016: Snorkeling near Macapagal Island

That's me wearing the most uncomfortable life vest of all. 
Our guide immediately pointed to us these giant clams locally known as taclobo. There are a lot of these clams there because it is a sanctuary.

They look different though compared to the ones we saw in Danjugan Island, Negros Occidental. The clearer water of Danjugan is also noticeable link: here.
Those encourage the growth of corals. 
A lot of fishes are in the area.

For me, Hundred Islands' snorkeling site is a lot better than the one in Bacuit Bay, El Nido, Palawan link: here.
More giant clams.
I was hating the "murky" water 'cause I wasn't seeing the corals well, turned out that my goggles were the problem.  
I kept on following these school of fishes.
That I forgot that I didn't put any sunblock at my back.
Hence, my back got sunburned. Haha! I got shocked when I first saw how dark the skin at my back became after snorkeling for around 30 minutes. -_-

Macapagal Island sign.
Looks like a turtle... or a snake... or a snurtle. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hundred Islands National Park 2016: Cave Cliff Diving at Marcos Island

Marcos Island is by far the best of all the islands we went to at the National Park.
Look at the sand.

There's also a shaded area underneath those limestone rocks should you not want to get tanned skin but I don't think that's possible in Hundred Islands though. Ang itim ko lalo sobra after. Haha.
We went up thinking that the cave swimming was only like the one in Wonderful Cave, Bolinao link: here.
Upon seeing this, I think I've found another activity I liked.

More cliff jumping and/or canyoneering activities for me, yes universe?
It's not your ordinary cave swimming since it is a cave cliff diving area.

Not sure about how high and how deep this is but it wasn't that scary... or was it? No life jacket, no jumping is the policy so I think it's relatively safer. 
Once you jump, the only way out was to swim back to the shore. 
Ngiting tagumpay. HAHA

The only time I shouted was when Kuya threw my camera in the water - that was my mini heart attack.
Good thing binuhol niya sa tsinelas ko so it floated.
Clear water but the waves were kinda strong in this part. Had a difficult time swimming back to the shore because of the waves.
Meron naman hesitation before the jump... 
 "Gano kalalim?"
"Okay lang ba kahit anong klaseng talon?"

Hay buhay... sana ganyan lang lagi ako, hindi nagpapadala sa takot. HAHA!

Hundred Islands National Park 2016: Governor's Island

Although not as high and water not as clear/blue, these limestones and boat ride somehow reminded me of El Nido, Palawan. 
First stop for the island hopping is Governor's Island for it is where the viewing deck is located.

Kayaking, swimming and zipline can also be done here. 
The trek wasn't steep but the intense sunlight and heat made it a little difficult.
View from the viewing deck.

Ang ganda.

Then we transferred to the other side where the zipline is. I suggest you try it out. I didn't and kind of regretted it after seeing the view. Ang hirap naman din kasi sa baba galing mga harness and all, nakakapagod hahaha. So you have to make up your mind before going up.
Me with my favorite rainbow-colored sarong because makulay ang buhay always. HAHA!

 Anniversary na namin nyan. (buti pa kami)

First used it in Kalanggaman Island, Leyte and I have it with me in all my out-of-town trips since then haha also in my out-of-the-country trip soon. <3
Your view if you're trying the zipline out. 
So, what is life? Let me count the ways. haha. Ano raw?!
Seeing these islands of the National Park was amazebells. Charot pero totoo, amazebells. Ganda ng Pinas!! :)))

Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan Tour Rates 2016

Here below are the rates of the available activities in Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos, Pangasinan as of March 2016. 

"Kuya, 100 ba talaga 'yung islands?"

Kasi naman ako, hindi naman sinabing 100 islands. Assumera. :)) There are a total of 124 islands in the park. Visited 124 of the 7,107 islands the Philippines has in one day. Laking bagay. Haha!
There are a lot of things being sold near the tourist center. You can find food, rush guards, sun glasses, yup, just about anything you need for a day of island hopping. 
There's a Tourism Office where all transactions are done.

This is a lot like Puerto Princesa, Palawan's Underground River link: here.
Not bad. 
Very touristy.

But for me, standardized rates are better.
Barangay Lucap Lighthouse/ Montemayor Wharf Lighthouse

And from here, you're just a boat ride away to seeing the majestic beauty of the Hundred Island National Park. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Antipolo City

One thing that I've relearned yesterday is that I should lift all the things that I have no control of to Him. <3 Maybe, just maybe, I was forced to let go because there are other things that I should hold onto. Haaaay, I am frustrated but I'm offering this journey to You, Lord. Help me to become patient while waiting for Your perfect time. Grant me the courage and wisdom to overcome all my future obstacles.

Anyway, we went to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage yesterday like what I told myself if ever I'll be given the chance to leave the country this year.

While eating, someone told us, "Pupunta ba kayo sa simbahan malapit sa Hinulugang Taktak? Dun nag-shooting si John Lloyd saka si Bea para sa A Second Chance."




I was so excited to visit the church where Popoy and Basha got married but I got more excited when I found out that it was a parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, my praesidium when I was still an active legionary. Hihi.

Sorry, Mama Mary kung di kayo kaagad naisip puntahan. hehe. Kaya palaaaaaaaaaa.  
The delay made sense the moment I laid my eyes on this parish. ITO NA 'YUN OH.

To give you a context, I am a fan of John Lloyd and Bea since the start of their loveteam and it has been my goal to visit the places they've gone shooting at. HAHAHAHA.

Pasig Ferry Ride
Bellini's Italian Restaurant
Paco Park
Alabang Town Center,
Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Parang last one na, Callao Cave at Tuguegarao. 
Mass schedule sa simbahan na pinagkasalan ni Popoy at ni Basha.

Buti pa si Popoy pinili si Basha pero lampake ako kasi ako si Shacks sa kwento. Go places muna. Hi, ako nga pala si Ara. TabAra. HAHAHAHA. 
The landmark is the Hinulugang Taktak Falls. 

Funny how life works.
You lose one thing then it gives you something of more importance than what you lost. But the catch is, it's not immediately do we realize that all step backs and wins we encounter are parts of the greater plan. Haaaaaaay. Another proof that my vision is limited.

 God, help me to always understand Your plan. 

Thank You!
All for Your glory. <3

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