USA 2016: North Las Vegas Strip

Imma make this post real quick because the torture is too much haha

Caesar's Palace
Venetian Hotel
Fashion Show Mall
Mirage Hotel


Off Strip: Southpoint Midnight Bowling

This is one area of the North Las Vegas Strip but still along South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Look at the map below for clearer explanation.

 I think I have another three sets of pictures from the Strip that I haven't put watermarks on. 

All efforts and hopes are now for my Europe trip soon!!!!!

It took me going back here thrice before finally locating the Trevi Fountain replica outside the Forum Shoppes.

Caesar's Palace link: here.

Watched Hangover Part 1 because I miss this place so muchhhhh.

 Grabe tayo attachment!!!!
One of the street pictures because I'm really maangas like this. Haha
My face looked slimmer my first weeks there. Anyareeee

Bellagio Water Fountain Show is also in the area link: here.

Outside Venetian

Sobrang Europe themed please!!!

Como, Italy huhu

There's even an Eiffel Tower near here. I have a picture posted on my Instagram account.

Someday I'll have my picture taken like this at the real Venice, Italy. hehe
It was freezing that night but I can't just say no to a matcha gelato. 
I only paid for one but the server gave me five scoop because mine was the last serving.
Haaaay. Jubis na sobra ngayon.
Post about Palazzo on my next post.
Waterfalls of Wynn

The very first Las Vegas Attraction we saw when we got lost.


Yup, it became normal to us after visiting for several times pero still, SOBRANG GANDA. 
Mirage Hotel has an erupting volcano show every night.

Venetian Hotel at night.
Bowling at South Point Hotel

'Cause it's cheaper at night.
Posted about this $1 per game bowling here.

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