USA 2016: Sura Korean Buffet, Las Vegas

While waiting at the bus stop, a Korean lady was waiting with us too and then we started talking. I told her that we are actually looking for Japanese and/or Korean restaurant in Vegas and she told us that there's a Chinatown along Spring Mountains road where Japanese, Korean, and Chinese restaurants abound. 

Good thing there's a branch of Bank of America near Chinatown so we were able to eat there after our bank errands days after our conversation with the Korean lady.

We've gone there twice actually but the curry dinner in a Japanese restaurant was undocumented. Come to think of it though, most of the restaurant I ate at were undocumented. Kainis. Next time documented na dapat lahat. 
While there are a lot of restaurants there, we were looking for a buffet.

We saw three Japanese and Korean buffets in the area. 
The three from this area were not able to lure us in. We searched online and read about Sura BBQ Buffet. So we walked, kinda got lost but immediately found our way. Google and Transit app experts here.
It was a little intimidating at first but we went in; they offer the buffet at a competitive price and we were so hungry to look for other buffets anymore. It was less than $20 per person for a lunch buffet and there were decent reviews about it too albeit not recent sounded reliable.
More than enough choices! 

There are a lot choices and the ready to eat food I had were all delicious.

They had an assortment of beef, pork, chicken and seafood to grill. 

They had BIG sushis there too.

Buti na lang 'cause prior to going here we inquired in a Japanese order all you can too that was quite pricey and timed so we said nah and we'll just look for another.
They had these too but I was already fixated with having my samgyeopsal. 
Innards. Haha!
Fruits for desserts. :))
Sura BBQ Buffet
4480 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, Nevada

I only ate at two Korean buffets while in USA (The one is San Diego was undocumented too but it was an order all you can type with Sets A and B) but I have a lot to compare this buffet with here in the Philippines and I can say that Sura is really good and worth the price.

Definitely not bad for $20. 

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