USA 2016: Mt. Charleston, Nevada

I didn't search a lot about Nevada even if I know I was going there. Why? Hindi ko alam kung pano ko lalakwatsa. All I know was the Strip, Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon (na hindi ko naman napuntahan! HAHAHA!) Pero somehow, the universe conspired and made things happen. HUHUHU. Kaiyak please. #forevergrateful #travelnowpulubilater #pahingamuna

Truth be told, all these travels to National and State Parks? I definitely didn't see them coming before I left the Philippines. As in swear. Truth be told na nga, swear pa. haha!

So when I got there, I met up with my Ninang who told me that there's this mountain near the Strip that they go to because there's snow in that mountain. I was like,"OMG!! Meron snow dito?! :(" Ito isa pa, never ko in-expect na makaka-experience ako ng snow kasi ang alam ko, disyerto ang Nevada. Well, desyerto naman most nung nasa South.

Anyway, my ninang couldn't bring me there because of our conflicting schedules but I found a way/someone. Hahahaha! I thankfully found someone. HAHAHAHAHA. User level while in Las Vegas? Level 1 Million. Pero grabe, friends naman na kame 'yung kind of platonic love/friendship na #mayforever. Syempre if you don't talk to strangers, how can you make friends, diba? :)))) Will always be grateful to all those who've helped me while I was in the USA, especially to my two most special travel buddies. Hope we can have more adventures in the year 2017 - 2018. God willing. hihihi. 
This was taken at Spring Mountains National Recreation Area which is a ranger district of the Humboldt - Toiyabe National Forest. First feeling of snow in the air! So cooooooooold but the cold never bothered me anyway.

Copied from the USDA Forest Service Website, "The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest encompasses all of Nevada and the far Eastern edge of California. The name “Humboldt” comes from the explorer John C. Fremont. He named the East Humboldt Mountain Range and the Humboldt River after German naturalist Baron Alexander von Humboldt. “Toiyabe” is an ancient Shoshone word meaning “mountain.” So 'yung Fremont Street pala sa explorer din pinangalan.
At that point, who would've thought that I'll be able to see a lot of places there?! Huhuhuhu. Kakamiss!!!!!! Pero at the same time, ang galing galing... ng skills... ng convincing powers... ng budgeting?! haha!  
A lot of people go here for skiing and hiking. It was just that I wasn't snow-ready at all. 

The clothes I brought with me in the USA were actually not suited for the cold weather that I experienced last April-May. I expected that it will be hot but it wasn't that hot until late May. I mean, at some nights in our apartment complex we got 6 degrees Celsius (even lower) in temperature. Huhuhu. Kamiss!! :( 
This was taken near the cabin area and there was also a restaurant.

Mt. Charleston is only 35 miles away from the Strip.
One of my talents/gifts in life is map reading... always taking the longer (and more scenic. lol.) route nga lang. 
One of my many middle of the street pictures. 
"Uy, dyan kunyari nag rent tayo ng cabin."
We were supposed to hike to Mary Jane falls but turned back even before reaching 1/8 of the trail. hahaha!
Kaya pala snow cone kasi parang snow 'yung yelo talaga. hahaha! 

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