USA 2016: Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area, Nevada

What's at Red Rock?

Red Rock Canyon features a one-way 13-mile scenic drive, a Visitor Center offering information and interpretation about recreation opportunities, hiking and trails, wildlife, vegetation, geology, cultural resources and much more. 

After Red Springs, we headed to Red Rock not to hike though but only for the scenic drive. 

As much as I like to post an informative article on this one, hahaha, I forgot all my geology and all I've read from the information board there. :)))

This was my first "taste" of the canyons. Hihihi. 

Oh the wide-open spaces that always have a part of my heart. After seeing a looot, I am still craving for more. <3
Thankful to have seen this in person! Amazebells.

Some people would be like, "O ano meron? Bato?"

Seriously? This landform is so amazing!!! I mean, consider the length of time it took for something this incredible ever changing landscape to form. Charuuu. hahaha. Pero seryoso, I won't replace a day trip with nature for anything. 
Model ang peg. haha! 
Bat ba hindi ako ready lagi hahaha
Don't ask my why I posed like that, I also don't know. Haha.

Pero mowdel. hahahhaha
Blogger pose. hahaha!

"Oy, 'yung kunyari hindi ako nakatingin."
One of the stops along the scenic drive.

I was hoping to see a tortoise but I didn't haha
Las Vegas air isn't polluted but this is still a breath of fresh air you know, not too away from all the commercialization and city life.

Anyhow, the red rocks are easily noticeable from the strip but I was still surprised that it was this wide. 

Ganda huhu
Panorama from the overlook point.
As much as I am willing to name this place, I couldn't search it.
It was in the map that was given an the entrance though.

Basta there are picnic tables here so bring snacks with you. hehe
Come to think of it, I don't have a jump shot for my whole three months there. ahaha! kasi fail. kasi ang bigat. kasi hindi makatalon. 

Hello there, Husky!!! <3
Installation art at the dessert.

Kung ano pa talaga 'yung malapit, 'yun pa hindi ko napuntahan. HAHAHA!!!

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