USA 2016: Red Spring, Nevada

We ate our lunch here at Red Springs before going to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. 

Not that easy to believe that this is just an hour (even less) away from the Strip. Las Vegas is known for its hotels and casinos so some still get surprised upon knowing that there are places like this there too... isa na 'ko dun. :))
Mt. Charleston area are those snow-capped mountains. Yup, they're near each other. Feasible for a day tour of "picture taking"
Eating lunch with that kind of background tho also with chipmunks and rabbits nearby. Feeding the wildlife isn't allowed! At ang, "Nako! Kung sa Pilipinas 'to, malamang inuwi na lahat ng rabbit at chipmunk." :> 

Madalas nasa tao talaga ang ikinagaganda ng lugar eh, dapat disiplinado lagi. Hehe
Some trek to those rocks where the Calico basin is but we only walked along the boardwalk and the nearby hill.
Think about your place in the natural world...
 Lush vegetation it is - thanks to the life-giving spring. <3
Million years ago... can't even imagine. So blessed to see this ever changing landscape. :3 The changes that had to happen for this whole place to look so beautiful. Mas maganda sa Zion. Hihihihi. Wait lungz. :D
Boardwalk is made to preserve the fragile ecosystem this area supports.
Scenic walk.
Along the boardwalk, you'd see information boards such as this.

I really like how organized parks like this are. There isn't any entrance fee here yet it's very well maintained. Pilipinas, tayo rin!!! Please?
Di ko alam kung alin ang mas matigas eh. Ako o 'yung mga bato? Char. HAHAHA!
We trekked the nearby hill to get a better view of the landscape.
And we saw this too. Ganda, noh?

It was the red mountains with lush vegetation vs. the dessert.

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