USA 2016: Palm Springs' Windmill and Baker, California

Left Nevada again for a day trip in California.

Love love passing through these mountains whenever we're driving at Interstate 15.  hehe.  From the apartment complex, the lights of the cars are visible so when we haven't driven here yet, sobrang curious ko. haha! 
Since I lived near the Stateline, the radio program I am listening to at night always mentioned that the world's largest thermometer is at Baker, California. The first town you'll pass by after leaving Nevada on the way to California.

 The many times I passed by here though, we never went down the car 'cause stopping at Barstow instead of here makes more sense because eventhough they have the picture-worthy thermometer, it's still very close to Nevada for a stop-over.

Anyhow, aside from Las Vegas which is the usual destination of those driving through the Interstate 15. Baker is also where the Highway 127 is at to reach Death Valley National Park. (Will be posting about this soon but we passed through Pahrump and not here)
We passed by a Walmart store first to buy some food and drinks. haha. Junk food hahaha. I love doing the self-check outs at Walmart seryoso. 
This area is called San Gorgonio Pass
We passed by the area on our way to Mt. San Jacinto State Park

Some mountains still had snow on them. 
I love looking at windmills.

I don't know what's with it really but I love looking at them so whenever there's a windmill in sight expect me to turn my gaze towards that and kinda be happy that it's in front of me. If you can understand what I feel haha.

"It" started in Ilocos' Bangui Windmills because that was the trip when I decided that I want a life well travelled ganon. hahaha! It was my turning point actually 'cause my posts started to shift to travel from the usual food posts and inarte posts of 2012. 

Bangui Windmills link: here.
The 2013 me said and I quote, "It made me want to travel and explore. As far as I can and as much as I can. Yay to more intense wanderlusting. Boo to where should I get the funds. HAHAHA." - three years down the road, I still don't know where to get the funds but OMG! I kinda made it!!! I made it in my own way!!! Success na rin! :)) 4 countries (though layover lang 'yung isa) and countless cities since 2013 are definitely a dream come true for my 2013 self. Hope this continues! EUROPE PLEASE!!!! :)))

Pililla Windmills link: here.

Palm Springs is near Coachella Valley, you know, where the music festival is held but I won't be posting about Coachella nor Coachella Valley only the windmills in Palm Springs if it still isn't obvious. 

There are more than 4,000 wind turbines in the area.

Back then we were still not into taking videos of our trip so all I can show you are pictures. hehe. Sayang.

Saya ko pls.

Some would consider this boring but huhuhu ansaya
Riverside, California Counties 
More windmills. <3
I only got to know it there that there are a lot of designs for windmills.

That happy feeling of finally seeing that place you've always looked at in pictures. Hehe. Not naman always pala pero I looked at Palm Springs one time in Instagram hoping that I can go there and hihi... I did!!! <3

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