USA 2016: Las Vegas Sign, Las Vegas Strip

It took us weeks to finally find our way to this famous Las Vegas Sign. 

Kinda hard to go to if you don't have a private vehicle or if you're not willing to pay $8 for two hours hop on, hop off Deuce bus that ply along the stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard. 

We had to walk from Excalibur Hotel all the way here.

Several hotel stops and tan lines after, we saw the sign!!!!!!  BAKIT BA KASI HINDI USO MAGPAYONG SA AMERIKA!!!! I am not regretting all the tan lines pero kase. hahaha! 
And then when we got there, it was beside the airport.

Like, seriously Vegas?! haha. 'Cause actually when you look from somewhere outside the boulevard, it looks so small but when you try to sight see the whole strip? I think you'll be needing more than two days! Hey! I lived there for 2 1/2 months and yet wasn't able to go to all the hotels there but yea, have to take into consideration that I wasn't just touring there everyday. Wish ko lang pero ang anda. haha. Two times per week lang halos and then hindi pa lagi sa strip soooo. :)))

This was taken past midnight. 

That crazy night we walked from Fremont Street to Cosmopolitan Hotel which was around 11 miles. (Posting that too soon) hahaha. We wanted to properly say goodbye to our second home's welcome sign. </3

Until next time, Las Vegas!!!!! 

Just to give you an idea of how far we walked just to save on bus fare. 

From Excalibur (red), we walked to the Las Vegas Sign (blue) and back to Caesar's Palace's The Forum Shoppes (orange) to catch the regular bus back to the apartment. ahaha. 

Nakoooo, malapit lang!!! 

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