North Park

Yang Chow Fried Rice (128.00)

One of the best Yang Chow I've tasted. I can even eat this by itself, no viand needed. And the serving was pretty large.

China Chicken (223.00)

Ultimate Noodles (238.00)

Living up to its name, this is surely an order of the Ultimate Noodles. It has  everything: mushroom, dimsum, beef, pork, vegetables etc.  The downside was that they only gave us a small bowl of soup. It was like we were eating dry noodles. We did ask for an extra soup and again, they gave us so little. Can't they be more generous with it?
Roast Combination Platter (377.00)

We expected that this Combi Platter would include Pork Asado, Dried Pork Sausage and Lechon Macau since it's placed under the category of Roast Specialties. What does it include? China Chicken (which we had ordered another of),  Shanghai Chicken (?), Pork Sausage, Pork Asado and Century Egg. Why is it that Lechon Macau is not included? I know, we should have asked about this platter's content but still, the menu's categorization is misleading.

As we sat on our table, I immediately noticed their placemat 'cause it's where their menu was printed . How smart, right? No need to wait for the waiters to hand you their menus. Everything is in there including their delivery contact number, I didn't get to capture a photo of it though. Pricewise? It was okay since the servings were big. We even had left-overs that we took home.

But, the service was a disappointment! It felt forever for them to attend to our needs. We were also very hungry that time but we had to wait for so long for our orders to arrive, waiting for ten minutes would be fine but it almost took them thirty. Or is it normally like that? Whenever we asked for refills, the waiter tells us to wait but he would take several minutes before coming back and they didn't even bother to clean the other tables up right away. We arrived at the resto and the used utensils were there and were still there until we left. See? Because of the service, the ambiance too was affected. It didn't felt like we were eating in a restaurant, fastfoods and foodcourts were cleaner. I would have understood if the place is filled with customers but at that time, it wasn't. And what's more irritating? Some of the waiters were just chitchatting while we were trying to catch their attention.

Eating in North Park would have been a great experience if not for the poor service. We ate at the M.O.P branch by the way. I just hope the other branches have more trained and attentive staffs 'cause I'm willing to give this restaurant another chance; there are still numerous food choices to taste. :p~

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