Giga And Godiva Lip Balms

I went to Landmark weeks ago to buy a new Godiva lip balm but the saleslady told me that Godiva has discontinued producing the peppermint variant. That's the only lip balm I used for years! How can they... errr! She told me to just settle with grapes flavor but no, I can't.

  We were at SM Annex this afternoon and passed by Giga stall. My mom bought a bottle of massage oil and as I saw that they're also selling lip balms, I decided to buy one 'cause I'm currently searching for a new balm.

Godiva contains licomax. They claim that it lightens or make the lips redder. It contains beeswax, vitamin C and SPF 15. I love peppermint 'cause it has a minty feeling when applied. 

Giga, on the other hand, contains VCO, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Honey with an orange scent when applied.

Both are natural, in pot containers, and are not-tinted. I don't like tinted lip balms / glosses 'cause they make my lips fuller and to tell you, my lips are already thick. 

 They both get the work done, moisturizing, aren't greasy and glossy so there's no, kumain ka ba ng lechon look but then, I still prefer Godiva Peppermint. Although I'd have to spend more for licomax, peppermint and SPF 15 benefits, it's okay. I hope that Ate meant that the peppermint variant was only out of stock that day. I just remembered, my friend has once told me that there's a similar but cheaper peppermint lip balm from Human Nature. I'll be visiting the stall at Trinoma one of these days.

Giga costs 70.00 it's cheaper 'cause Godiva costs around 120.00

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