Mr. Kimbob

My brother has always been telling me to try Mr.Kimbob's bibimbap at SM North food court. I haven't had the chance to eat there until December last year at SM Megamall and I enjoyed it so much although I don't like eating spicy foods. As we strolled around SM Makati yesterday, only one food for dinner came to mind: Bibimbap.

For those who are unfamiliar with Korean cuisine, bibimbap means "mixed rice." Following its name, the proper way to eat it is to mix all the meat, vegetables, rice and gochujang (chili sauce) together.

Here is bulgogi (beef) with carrots, papaya, spinach, bean sprouts, cabbage and sunny side-up egg, served in a sizzling plate with  a bowl of soup.

After mixing everything together but haven't poured the gochujang yet. I ended up pouring everything on mine! I  don't really like eating spicy foods but this has always been an exception.
If you're up for a healthy and budget-friendly meal, bibimbap is one of the best choices. For 95 pesos, you get a big serving of food and nutrients.

This bibimbap is the store's bestseller, of course, they have other foods to offer just that I haven't tasted them yet.

You can find Mr.Kimbob at SM Malls' foodcourts.

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