A Trip To Wawa Dam, Rodriguez, Rizal

Our Avilon Zoo trip ended early as expected so we headed to Wawa Dam before going home.

Placed between Montalban Gorge, Wawa dam used to be the only water source for Manila. Although it isn't functioning as a dam anymore, it has still turned into one of the must-see places especially if you're up for a nature tripping that's not too far away from the city.

I was a bit disappointed seeing that there are lots of garbage in the area. The locals and local government should take the initiative to do clean-ups once in a while. Although the view is magnificent, a clean surrounding is what lures the tourists to come back, who would want to swim in a reservoir filled with garbage? Nonetheless, leaving those trash issues aside, the place is really a beauty.

Start of our trekking. Yay!

Look at how huge those rocks are.
Luckily, we went there on a day when the water  was somewhat raging. I can just imagine my added disappointment if we arrived there with the water almost dried-up.

There are cottages for lease. 
The one on the left side of this picture used to be the watch tower.

Now on our way back to the lower lake.

Boulders of rocks,, limestone mountains? CHECKED.

I'd love to comeback for a cave tour and be brave enough to walk between the big rocks.
I hope that the only changes the place undergo are that of natural causes.

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