Quezon City Memorial Circle (Con't)

We went to circle tonight. It was an spontaneous gala, we were at the area so we decided to go. There were no tiangges tonight so I think they only set the stalls up every Friday until Sundays (?)

Tried the zipline today, 150.00 for two way
Even if it's not my first time riding a zipline, I still got nervous at first. But hey, it wasn't scary. In fact, it was so enjoyable. The ride where you are to lie down is much much much more fun than the first one I tried 'cause I was sitting then.

Since I was nervous, the kuya told me that he'll ride with me. So I was like, "Weh, kuya! Di nga, di 'yan joke ah?" When I got down, my mom said that the people were saying "Joke joke joke." 'cause they overheard me. Oh whatever. Hahaha. I didn't even realize that my voice was so loud!! 

There's one thing I'd like to relate a ride like this at.  The fact that you're only being held by ropes and you're feet above the ground is scary for most people. But 'cause you want to try, you'll just choose to trust that they won't break and try it for the experience. Yes, you'll feel the fear, you'll find it hard to let go of the rope 'cause at the moment you release it, you're there above and alone. But you know what? That fear? it subsided in an instant and was replaced by joy. That joy of being able to "fly." That's the same with the obstacles and challenges we are to face in life, you'll feel that you're scared at first but when you close your eyes and give it a try, you'll realize that there's nothing to be afraid of. In both of these cases, over thinking is the culprit. And for numerous times, I, myself is a victim of that habit. I worry too much for problems that aren't even existing! That's something I'd like to get rid of. Seriously.  F*ck that needless worrying that takes people nowhere. 

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