DIY : Distressed Denim Shorts

One of my stress relievers is making my own distressed shorts. Destroying the shorts is a way to release my anxiety or frustrations. hehe. Aside from saving hundreds of pesos, I also do this to recycle my denim jeans that I don't use anymore.

I am content on how distressed this is for now 'cause several washing will make the frays longer and the holes bigger.

The things you need during the distressing process: Blade, Tweezer, Cardboard (I used styro), and a lot of patience. 

Cut two parallel lines.
Using a tweezer, remove threads between the two parallel lines. This may take a long time 'cause you have to do it one by one.
This is the result.

On the other leg, I used the blade to make horizontal slits. Make sure to put something like cardboard in between so you'll not destroy the back part of the shorts.

Easy, right?
I don't want it to be over distressed so this is fine. 

I also did the one of the two back pockets.

I never wore shorts when I was younger at times when I had to leave the house for I was so insecure.  Hmm, gone are the days when shorts are only for skinny girls 'cause as  I started wearing one, I realized that it doesn't look that bad and not masagwa even on my thighs that are well, fat. haha. And after experiencing how comfortable it is, shorts has become one of the staples in my closet. I don't wear those short shorts or what we call dangkal shorts here though. 'Yun eh hindi talaga kaya ng powers ko!

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