Travel: Quezon Memorial Circle

One of the get-aways near our place is the Quezon Memorial Circle. It's like a paradise in the center of the a busy city or avenues to be more literal. The Quezon City government is renovating Circle with a goal that it'll be able to cater people from all walks of life (if I read the tarpaulin right). Aside from all the new attractions it now offers, the park is well-lighted at night which for me gives the goers a sense of security and more area for the usual photo ops.

At the back is the QMC mausoleum where the remains of our late Pres. Manuel Quezon lies. One can't  overlook that tower especially at night 'cause of the colorful lights reflected on it and the one at front is the dancing fountain which you get to watch for free. For the nth time I've visited the park, this dancing fountain never cease to amaze me. (This picture's not from today's visit though.)

Now you can also find banchetto-like food stalls there which I think I'd enjoy if given the chance to eat. 

There are tiangges.
 I'd love to look around but what's the point when I've got no money to spend? Hehe. It's all thanks to Kennen that we got through tonight. 

These are both facing Commonwealth Avenue. I'm not sure about the time or days they set the stalls up. And, I think there's also an ongoing construction of a vegetable or green market somewhere near the dancing fountain.

You won't have to pay any entrance fee when you enter QMC. But there is for the car park and some areas I added in the read more part.

 Haven't been to circle in years? Try to revisit one of these days and see how developed and beautiful it is now. :)

And to give you a somewhat thorough post about QCMC. I'll also post pictures from our previous visits.

To enter the Pedal and Paddle area, there's now a fee of 10 pesos per person which on my other visit (November 2011) was still free. 

If I'm not mistaken, this thing (pagoda) we're riding on costs 140.00 for 30 minutes and can be ridden by up to 5 persons. 

The man-made lake looks small but when you're in it, you'll realize that it's big enough to navigate the boats.  Can you see that zipline? It costs 80.00 pesos for one-way and 150.00 for two-way, haven't had the chance and extra money to try it though.

In that area also is a go kart track. I rented an AF sport for 20 minutes for the price above. 

We also saw an area to have fish spa. We'd love to try it but wasn't open that morning. I miss those tiny fishes excitedly munching on my grose dead skin cells. Lol. At least, I got to feed them, right? I've tried the spa once at Star City and although it's not that hygienic, I'm willing to give it another try for the sake of a ticklish experience and the laughing galore.

 Outside that area where you are to spend hundreds, you can find QMC amusement rides. Luckily for me, I've ridden all the rides for free. All thanks to that photographer, whom on a spontaneous visit with my friends years ago needed "models" for the Circle of Fun poster, treated us. The entrance fee is P 30.00 and you are to pay the rides individually. Oh, I miss the days when circle or was it circle that had  perya where you throw one peso coins on boxes on the tables and you get mugs or plates as prizes.

For those who love biking, there are still bicycles available for a per hour rent which prices, I don't know. And there are free playgrounds for the little ones and the young at heart. There are also basketball court, volleyball court (which my friends and I had rented months ago), soccer and archery field, party areas (?) and several restaurants. There are too many things to do and places/ things to see now at QMC which can make even those who don't want to spend happy. 

Expecting these much for a QMC trip? I guess not! Whether it's a picnic, adventure (like ours), exercise, time for yourself or just wanting a break from mall trips, try visiting. See and experience these things yourself. :) 

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