Avilon Zoo, Rodriguez, Rizal

Avilon means "the land of the birds," no wonder there lots of birds compared to other species in that zoo.

If you want a guided tour, there are tour guides near the entrance. Although we opted to not have one, there were instances when we passed by them and they seem friendly and are really well informed about all the species. If you'll decide to explore the area by yourselves, the zoo is very much organized; there were informations near the cages, names for every animals and they were grouped according to their characteristics... family? genus? *I already forgot my taxonomy terms!*

Another photo heavy post...

All the places are labeled making it easier even for first-timers to familiarize themselves in the zoo. 

There are arapaimas in that man-made pond. They were slightly scary to be honest.
Arapaimas are large tropical freshwater fishes. They can grow over 6 feet!  

First time seeing live kangaroo!
This is a tree kangaroo. *Lol, sorry I didn't know its pose was like that.*

180 degrees head turn.


These bears are the newest zoo attraction. Almost all of them were taking their nap.

When we were about to leave this exhibit... one bird was like, "Panget!" we went back trying to find which  that was but it didn't want to blow its cover. Tsk

This amphibian (I forgot most of their names) was dancing near the window when we passed by.

The monkey wasn't there but managed to take pictures with the birds and a snake. Cost us P 100.00

Finished exploring in two hours.
And have I told you that the whole zoo is really well-maintained?

Time to bid goodbye...

Avilon Zoological Park
Bo. San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal 

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