Kimpop and Mang Cha-a

I was at Circle C this afternoon to have a 2x2 ID picture taken.

I saw a newly-opened milk tea stall. As you all know, since milk teas are the latest hype, milk tea shops have been popping like mushrooms everywhere. I decided to try it and ordered a Pearl Milk Tea which costs me 50.00. It was okay, I mean there's nothing special (or maybe, my usual order PMT is really not that special 'cause it's the basic. Oh well, whatever) but being the only Milk Tea store in CC, I can see myself ordering another cup. It did satisfy my milk tea thirst for a cheaper price anyway; I'm gonna try their other flavors out in the future.

EDIT: Today, Feb. 10, I got to order their Hazelnut Milk Tea (P 65.00) and I liked it. I love hazelnuts. What more can I ask for? My current addiction, milk tea plus hazelnut flavor in one drink. I've now found a variant I liked, buying again soon.

EDIT: Today, July 21, I have re-ordered their Milk Tea With Pudding ( I forgot the price) and Oreo Milk Tea (I forgot the price too), and their milk teas taste better. I liked them more, and since I'm used with large size MT's, the concern I have with Mang Cha-A now is, it's bitin! I hope they offer a larger size. 

Beside it is a Korean food stall, Kimpop. An order of 6 pieces Kimbap with a Kimchi sidedish costs 40.00.  I've been looking up for bibimbap and kimbap recipes online but as I read the how-to's, I feel like I'll be spending forever cutting the vegies and all. Cooking is hard; cutting the ingredients is hell! It's tedious and my dear fingers are most of the times, in danger so I always try to stay away from knives. Just imagine my delight seeing that it's readily available in CC, I won't have to go all the way to SM North to satisfy my Korean food cravings.

 I'm really happy that there's now varieties of food at CC or better yet at Congressional Avenue.

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