Yakimix, SM North EDSA ('Cause Unplanned Lakwatsas Are Daebak)

It was my first time dining at SM North and I enjoyed the ambiance more than TriNoMa where I have eaten for two times already. Maybe because it wasn't as crowded and noisy compared to my two previous visits at the other mall.

I really like their sushi!
Especially their pink salmon sashimi! They're always fresh.
Imagine being able to eat as much as you can without worrying about the bill anymore.
I know how expensive sushis can get when you eat at some ala carte restaurants.


I always enjoy eating at Yakimix 'cause it's the time when my cravings for sushi and sashimi are satisfied.  Not only that, you get to choose from an assortment of Asian cuisine may it be precooked, soups, raw meats (experience smokeless grilling!), desserts and salads. The price may be a bit expensive but with the vast selection of food and with the freedom of eating as much as you want; it's worth it.  It's also a plus that it's smokeless which means you won't have to worry that you'll smell like smoke even if you're up for a stroll in the mall or elsewhere afterwards.

this pricelist is unupdated.
(As of September 2012, it is already around P 540.00/person for a weekday lunch buffet)

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