Tea Tap

I'm loving milk teas too much. As in too much! I'm always on the look out for milk tea cafes these days. And thus, here's another discovery - Teatap Cafe at San Juan.

I posted this picture first 'cause this tip bin caught my attention. You are to place a coin and then a cat would  peek and grab it after. So cute, right? 

I ordered Earl Grey Milk Tea for a change from my usual Pearl Milk Tea, (I'm not adventurous!) and it tastes good and creamy. I liked that I can still taste its slight bitterness. Perhaps because I set the sweetness level to 50%. I really need to remind myself to reduce the sugar level on all my milk tea orders in the future.
There are different quotes on each drink plastic covering. It's quite hilarious that I got this on my first try of giving pudding a chance and I'm not disappointed. I loved it, oh, I'm foreseeing an added order of sinkers on my next visit.

Takoyaki , 100.00
There are several menu items... pasta, buffalo wings etc.
There is also a yogurt counter called, "Simply Life"
Out of all the milk tea cafes I've visited, this has got to be the largest, coziest and has the cutest interior. It gives a "starbucks" feel where you can just sit on the tables and chat with friends. I'd love to come back if only it was a bit nearer at our place. tsk

TeaTap Café
Ongpauco Sister's Building
P. Guevarra cor. Wilson Sts.

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