Manila Ocean Park

We availed the Ultimate Experience with the Penguin Exhibit which costs P 900.00 per person. Attractions at the park are expensive; it'll cost you more than a thousand per person to experience everything so try going there when there are promos available.

The Oceanarium, Marine Life Show and Habitat, Fish Spa, Jellies, Musical Fountain Show and Penguin Exhibit were on our itineraries for today.

There are no entrance fees collected when you enter the building. Fees are only for the attractions so you're free to roam around.  From the marine life attractions, rides, food stalls, restaurants, tiangges and stores, this place surely gives a mall and nature feel.

Dancing Jelly Fishes

You'll get amazed by the numerous species of jelly fishes are in the area.
They're being reflected with lights and look like dancing to the background music.
It's amazing how close I am to the creatures I hate the most on beach trips.
Gotta say, I fear them no more! :))

Near the entrance of the Oceanarium
Marine Life Show
There they are! The stars of the afternoon : Isabela and Yeni with their trainors
"Wow-ing" the audience with how smart and adorable they are.
They're both cute but in a span of 30-minutes, I became Isabel bias. She's the one on the left.
Isabel as she imitates the salut of her trainor.
Isabel as she shows her ability to spin the ball using her mouth.
Isabel sulking 'cause Yeni is bullying her.
This, actually, is the reason why I liked her. She showed the audience lots of emotions.

Be informed about the characteristics of the South American Sea Lions and heed their request of preventing the water pollution and the destruction of marine life. 
With Yeni.
Time to leave the area.
Headed to the area where the sea lions rest but no sea lion is in sight.


This place reminded me of the 3D movie, Avatar

My first time seeing alive sea horses
Hello there, why are you looking at me?
White spotted bamboo sharks eggs
They already look like sharks! 
Lion Fish
Reef Stone Fish
Snowflake Moray Eel
This fish didn't move until I finished taking a picture of us. 

Inside the tunnel.
I enjoyed that feeling of being "underwater" and have fishes swim beside and above me.

Yow, sharks!

This Oceanarium area is divided into seven sections; Agos, the rainforest themed part with tanks for freshwater fishes;  Bahura,  the smaller fishes with colorful corals; Laot, features big fishes in a long tank; Kalaliman, shows species from the deepest part of the Philippine waters, Overhang tank, for the various species of rays; Pating tank for sharks, this tank is also the place for the shark attack (another attraction at M.O.P) and the main attraction; Buhay na Karagatan, the underwater walkway tunnel.

On our way to the trails of Antartica.

M.O.P is beside the port so here I am posing with a Super Ferry Ship background.

Trails To Antartica

And of course, silhouette shot when you're near a body of water. 

Hello there, Humboldt penguin!
It was hard to take pictures of the penguin as a group 'cause they swim fast and the glass isn't that clear but this one always floats near the glass and seems like it's always ready for a picture. We have a vain penguin here.
I also tried the Slide of Fun.
It's the 2nd attraction in the area.
It's an ice slide.
We passed through the Snow Village which is the last attraction and saw this at the exit.
Entering the snow village is done by group, each person is then lent a jacket before entering the freezer with a temperature of -15 degrees Celsius.

In both Trails to Antartica and Oceanarium, flash photography is prohibited.

Fish Spa

This is my second time trying out a fish spa and I'm more relaxed this time.
They must really be enjoying nibbling on people's dead skin cells.

The sun's about to set!

Musical Fountain Show
Explaining the do's and don'ts while watching the show.

The three starfishes of Manila Ocean Park: Rising Starfish, Falling Starfish and  Shooting Starfish

Although it was far, we also got the chance to see the 7PM fireworks display at MOA from where we were seated.

This Fountain Show is epic! It's a combination of music, fountain, light, fire, fireworks show with live performers. Also, there was a part where cartoon characters were being projected on water screen, just wow. I never expected it to be that good. Never miss this show when you're in the area.

And our fun and informative trip ended.

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