Amici: Desserts by Cara Mia

 Wagas maka-see food diet eh!!!
Rouge Gelato Cake 
P 134.00/slice

Was it not recommended by my friend , I won't order a cake looking like this. Why? 'Cause it looks so sweet.
Imagine having vanilla, strawberry and blueberry flavored gelatos with strawberry syrup in one bite... sounds like diabetes to me. But okay, I had to believe our local newspaper (and my friend too) which named this gelato cake as one of the best desserts for the year 2012.

This is suprisingly a good one actually, the vanilla flavored gelato balanced the flavors of the two berries so it wasn't overly sweet, add the thin layers of sponge cake (I think) and graham; its layers are the perfect combination.  Plus, it looks really beautiful, isn't it?
Round Two
Ferrero Gelato
P 80.00

Your good old ferrero rocher chocolate, gelato form.
This is one of the bestsellers and I won't attest that. I wasn't disappointed with its taste but because I was able to eat some ferrero bits in Veronese Chocolate, there was more satisfaction in Gelatissimo's version. 

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