Sakae Sushi, Mall of Asia

I thought I've stayed away from eat-all-you-can restaurants, I thought.

It was way past lunch time and sushi cravings set in, we had to look for a Jap. resto and we saw this.

The idea of the sushi conveyor belt is interesting enough that if you love sushi and pass by their restaurant, you'd want to try it out too.

All-Day Buffet
Adults -  P 399.00
Kids - P 249.00
*miso soup and bottomless hot or cold green tea are inclusive.
If you just want to order their ala carte meals, you can also get a plate or two.
Sushi plates are color coordinated with different prices.

And this can also be the challenge actually, break-even or eat more than P 399.00 worth.
I didn't get to take a photo of the tamago roll. And no violet plate was in sight.

I liked Ebi Sushi (shrimp) the most. And hated that sushi on the blue plate whatever that is.

These are my plates. 

As for the taste, well, they're enough to satisfy your sushi cravings though the sushi itself won't be a cause of your future cravings. There were too much rice in each and the selections are limited compared to other buffets which is almost of the same price and has way more choices... and more delicious ones. The upside of the restaurant is it being an all-day buffet so you can just walk-in anytime if you want to eat.

For the sushi train experience, an okay service, and cold green tea which I had 3 glasses of, pwede na rin.
At sulit naman, all I ate should've cost me P 761.00.

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