Da.U.De Tea Lounge

Read as: da-you-deh

To tell you honestly, looking at this place from the outside is seriously intimidating. 
Why? 'Cause it looks so expensive! I mean, its interiors seem luxurious. There's this idea that if something looks expensive, it most likely is.

Not until you enter and look at the prices, they're reasonably priced with great service plus the fact that you get to hang-out in a very cozy and expensive-looking tea lounge.
Vandal Board
Didn't get to write though.
Several Teas for sale.

The view of the outside.
Near BGC bus West Route second stop, I think.

But yea, since we were new to Da.U.De's tea selections, the waiter must have noticed and approached us even if we weren't asking for help.
Again, what's the magic word? Matcha! Kahit maraming pwedeng pagpilian, matcha pa rin. ehehe
Here I ordered a matcha cold tea, P 125.00

The straw is super cute, isn't it? There are other designs, I chose the polka- dotted one.

Though we only entered to drink something while exchanging stories, all-in-all a great place to be in esp. if you want to unwind. Credits to its super relaxing feel.

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