My BDO JCB Credit Card Gift

I'm fairly new in the Credit Card world, and so far I'd like to believe that I'm doing a good job in managing it except for some impulsive buys pero mawawala na 'yan... self-control, hello!

Here's my Credit Card's welcome gift to me: A Giordano Watch
I am not a watch person and even if I am, I don't think I'd pay thousands for one (unless if I'd become zzzuper rich someday, of course. hehe) Except for some hand-me-downs and gifts, this is my first watch that costs more than a thousand pesos when bought.

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I was actually keeping all my charge slips for some Happy Lemon but when they sent me the redeem voucher for this promo, choosing this watch over HL is the wiser decision.

I redeemed this at Watch Republic in TriNoMa after surrendering cumulative charge slips worth P 15,000.00.
Here's my new watch.

Giordano (Turquoise)
P 2,290.00

Up to 15% of the charge slips' worth was reimbursed in the form of this watch. Yey!

P.S. It's a real deal when you're not buying things you don't need just to qualify for the promo. :)

When I didn't have my own card yet, I used to think that owning one is synonymous to allowing yourself to be a slave of debt. 
But my perspective has changed already, owning one is actually allowing yourself to make more out of your money and purchases (mas convenient pa nga gamitin 'to kasi naka-note na lahat ng binayaran); all thanks to promos like this and their website that keeps me updated

The things to remember here are self-control and prayers...

1. Self-control - stop yourself from buying unnecessary things kahit 'yung less than 500 o 100, maliliit na presyo lang pero magugulat ka na sa billing na malaki na pala sila pag sinama. Don't rely on paying purchases with your card without an idea on where you're getting the money to pay for them when the payment deadline comes. Basta, DO NOT OVERSPEND especially if all your purchases are on impulse and not needed. I am not an expert, meron pa rin akong impulsive buys but because of my credit card, I'd like to believe na mas nagiging frugal na 'ko as days pass. Hehehe. SANA!

 To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness. :)

2. Prayers - that you'd be the wisest and the most disciplined shopper out there, continuous income so you'd be able to pay your bills on time (laki ng interest! 3% something) and pag may maki-ride sa card mo (na wala pa naman sa'kin so far! buti na lang) e maging resposible enough sila naman to pay you on time para hindi ka maiipit sa interest. Diba? Diba?

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  1. Hi Cath!
    Hindi ako nag apply ng credit card eh, pinadalhan na lang ako ng BDO. Di ko rin alam kung anong nagpa-qualify sa'kin pero isang rason daw ay dahil may savings account ako sa kanila.