Shrimps with Bilimbi Fruits and Tomatoes

Ano nga? 
Hipon na may Kamias at Kamatis.

I tried searching the web for a recipe of this Kapampangan dish but couldn't find any. I learned about this in an episode of Jessica Soho Reports several weeks ago but I have already forgotten the instructions and the measurements so I had to rely solely on my not-really-existent-cooking-prowess. Well, as if there's anything new, I am always backed by my instinct if there's something I'm unsure of and hope that it turns out good. And fortunately, it did. I just don't know if this is supposed to taste this way.

Hipon - shrimps this big are usually sold for P 350.00 - P 400.00 per kilo. Today's price is P 380.00.

I peeled the shrimps beforehand to make the eating easier, and diced/sliced the other ingredients.

"Ano 'yang niluluto mo? Sigurado ka ba dyan sa ginagawa mo?"
"Ehehe, malamang hindi! Napanood ko lang 'to sa t.v dati at kailan ba ko naging sigurado?"
1. Saute the garlic and onion first.
Wait for the garlic to turn a little bit golden brown before adding the onion.

2.  Wait another while until the onions turn lucent before tossing in the tomatoes. 
I used my Ilocos garlic on this one. I realized at the moment I smelled the aroma, "So this is the reason why it's better to use native garlic even if it's hard to peel." Haha. But notice that I didn't peel, I just crushed them. Lazy me. I know.

3. Add the shrimps and their heads.
Add patis or salt to taste. And MSG and pepper if you want.
5. Add the kamias slices when the shrimps are half-cooked.
6. Add some water. This may be optional, pag may sabaw kasi parang mas maraming ulam.

Don't overcook unless you want rubbery shrimps.
As they turned pink/red/orange, they're all good. But if you're going to cook this with heads too, you'd have to cook a little bit longer.

Why is it better to include the head? Gustong gusto ko 'yung ulo saka mas masarap pag meron eh. Diba nga, pag nagluluto ng pansit, ulo ng hipon ang sinasama sa pakulo.

Tadah! Here it is. My version of I-don't-even-know-what-this-is-called. This is a new dish which is just in time for the holy week when a lot of people fast from eating meat and resort to veggies and seafoods.

I intended it to be not that sour because making this more sour would make it taste like pinatuyong Sinigang na hipon sa kamias. You wouldn't want that, or would you?

Best served when hot.

No Filipino dish is complete without any dips.
Here, instead of the usual kalamansi with patis. I used diced Kamias.

Naka-tsamba on first try, masarap daw sabi nung mga kumain o natakot lang sila sa'kin. Hindi na ko uulit para hindi masira ang record. hahaha

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