Seoul Express, The Fort Strip

Aside from my usual fastfood picks, there aren't a lot of choices for cheap and decent food in Bonifacio Highstreet Area. While there are so much decent foods, cheap being a qualifier limits the choices unless you are in the Market! Market! area where more affordable meals are to be found.

Anyway, before going there, I texted a friend who once told me that there's an affordable Korean restaurant somewhere in BGC. She told me thru text the location and the estimate prices of each meal, P 100.00 - P 150.00 is an okay price; that's relatively cheap compared to other Korean Resturants and cheap given its location... until we found out that the menu for Filipinos are really cheaper than the set menu they give to Korean customers. Thanks to the Ate who told us so. Racist much? HAHAHA. I'm not looking at this negatively despite being taken aback at first. At the end of the day, I was able to eat an authentic bibimbap for P 145.00 so what's there to be hurt about? I appreciated them for thinking about the acceptable price range for Filipino but it it's okay to give us a copy of the pricier selections too.

P 145.00

Seoul Express is an open-air Korean restaurant in the Fort Strip. I wasn't able to take a picture of the place but they only have beach umbrellas to cover you from the heat of the sun. Good thing it was windy and a bit passed noon when we ate there, the sun wasn't a problem at all.

Taste? it's delicious! They didn't scrimp on the ingredients and it's very flavorful albeit being obviously spicy. But the "spiciness problem" is easily solved by drinking a glass of water so kebs. 

It's a place I'd also recommend to others who want to try Bibimbap too. I haven't eaten Bibimbap in a while which satisfied me and didn't burn a hole in my pocket. Yes, it's a hole-in-the-wall restaurant but more often that not, the gems are found in those. :)

Thanks, flower boy next door for the bibimbap cravings. -_-
The restaurant owner bid us goodbye as we left the place.
아저씨,  자장면 먹어로 다시 올게요. 

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  1. korean food is one of my favorite thing to eat, and most of the time sa yoogane ako, since they have a good dak galbi dish

  2. Hi! Ako rin, I crave for Korean food once in a while. I saw that resto in Il Terrazo once pero madalas kasi sa Makati area ako pag Korean food, though, I'd love to try it in the future na rin. And I don't think I've ever tasted dak galbi puro beef. Thanks!