Kanin Club's Crispy Dinuguan

P 260.00 (?)

It's pretty rare for me to visit a Filipino restaurant when eating out 'cause they are so normal for me. Thank heavens for the abundance of delicious Filipino foods in our home. Unless the people I'm with suggests eating at a Filipino restaurant and/or we aren't out-of-town, I don't look around for one. But different restos have their own versions of well-known Filipino dishes so it won't hurt to try and compare.

Okay, back to Kanin Club, I believe that their Crispy Dinuguan is one of the bestsellers 'cause it is always the must-order whoever I eat there with. And so far, it hasn't failed to satisfy moi.

Tbh, this one's really good. The blood stew and the crispiness of the meat were perfect. Because of the crunchiness of the meat, (hehehe. pero mas crunchiness of the pork fats and skin) it's a break from our usual dinuguan with pork internals as the ingredients. Parang chicharon with blood stew. Huhuhu, sounds very unhealthy, diba? But it's too delicious to be ignored because of health risks. 
Kaya pakonti-konti lang!

Always keep in mind that this dinuguan should always be eaten in moderation. Why? Hello, highblood. Hello, high cholesterol. Hello, added adipose tissues.

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