Nestle Chuckie

Do you also have a favorite drink when you were younger? I do. Actually, I can't remember if it was moo or chuckie but I used to have a box of a chocolate drink (yes, that whole box you see in groceries) hidden under my bed for my everyday baon and whatevers. Hahaha. 

I was out for a grocery shopping and spotted a pack of 4 Chuckie drinks. When I got home, I popped it in the freezer and were really a help to cool down these past few days because of the intense hotness we're having... and it isn't April nor May yet! 
Remember the advertisements before which are instructing you to pour your chocolate drink in a popsicle maker before freezing? But you know, putting the whole carton is much easier for the lazy me, so I just cut the top part when already frozen and shave it using a teaspoon.
And this has been the journey of rediscovering a childhood favorite. lol.

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