Manang's Chicken (Fish Fillet Meal)

But I ordered their Fish Fillet Strips.

My first and then last visit in Manang's was in July 2012. Well, before what I ordered wasn't really enjoyable, I kept on saying pass to Manang's until I got to re-visit, they have improved! 

Fish Fillet Meal costs P 99.00 (or maybe P 109.00) with  a choice of drink and a big serving of rice.
The serving of rice is a lot bigger (but can also be a lot for those who have normal appetite) than before yet the price remained the same. Yay for that!
The fish fillet strips were soft and the breading has enough crispiness and weren't oily. So good especially when paired with their special sauce.

I wanna try their garlic pork rice too, that looks promising and sulit. 

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