To start of, I learned that if our eyes were to be compared to a digicam, they would have more than 500 megapixels. Certainly those are different things but just in case you're wondering; there should be more than 500MP. 

I have a thing with skylines.

Taken from the 20th floor of Hyatt Hotel and Casino in Manila.
 It was a brief stay. 123, kybe Hyatt.
Their pool area.
I also have a thing with night lights, the moon and the stars. Too bad my camera isn't hi-tech enough to capture the beauty but yes, maybe because some things are only meant for one's eyes to see.

Thank you pala sa Hyatt Hotel.
Wah, feelingera ko lang.

Hello, March!

Wala kong ibang masabi. Sana maging okay ka, Marso. Please lang.

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