Nestle Temptation's French Salted Caramel

A just-in-time-for-summer discovery.
Let's indulge in French Salted Caramel (my second Nestle post for the month of March. Chuckie was posted first. heh)

And off to the dangers of allowing me to stroll around the grocery esp. the chocolates and ice creams aisles...

My next flavor favorite... chocolate and green tea comes first and second. This may be coming third!! I became a fan of salted whatever since milk tea. 
I seriously have no idea that this Nestle ice cream flavor even existed. Is this a new release? If so, I love you Nestle from Earth to Moon and back!! HAHAHA.

"So go on and indulge in what the world has to offer."
Yes, I will. I will. ;p
Familiar with Mercato's Merry Moo? (The first I tasted and had been having cravings since then...)
Loving anything salted caramel?

 If yes, I'd bet you'd love this too.

Take note though that this may be too sweet for some but it's just the way I like it.

Sold at P 181.00, this comes in a lot cheaper than that gelato ver.
O sige, bawal maglagay sa isang container para kumain? hehehe.
Bakit pa? E mauubos naman agad.

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