USA 2016: Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California

History of the Palace of Fine Arts here.

Sabi siguro ng San Francisco Bay nung nakita ako, "Winelcome kita sa paraang alam ko!" haha! After the memorable way of welcoming me, we couldn't find any restroom. I was left with no choice but to change clothes in the car so I was only able to change my shirt, wait until my shorts dry, and used wet wipes to wipe the other parts of my body just in case the salt content of the seawater might solidify ganyan. haha.

What kind of unforgettable thing did the San Francisco Bay chose to do to welcome me? Link: here.

Not knowing what we were about to see, we went down and checked this Palace of Fine Arts out. 1. No entrance fee. 2. Looks cool. 
The Rotunda dome and Europe feels. :)

While do I feel that Europe tour is so attainable after US trip?! Grabe life! Hindi nauubos ang listahan. :((
The Hunger games Exhibition
To give you an idea of how high it is. And yes, I'm a six footer. Hahaha!
Man-made lagoon.
Rotunda viewed from the outside.

There's a replica of this in Disney California Adenture, I am just not sure if I was able to take a picture of it but it housed the Little Mermaid ride.
High columns. So Rome! Huhuhu Soon
Kapit lang mga te! Kung gugustuhin mo naman talaga, magiging worth it 'yan. Ginusto ko na lang talagang bumitaw kasi hindi na worth it ipaglaban para sa'kin. HAHAHAHA. Geh. Hugot pa more.

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