USA 2016: San Francisco Bay Area and Fisherman's Wharf at Night, California

After Pier 39, we decided to drive around the Bay Area to look for a place to eat. And? It was only 9 PM but we couldn't find any! 
Why didn't you warn us, San Francisco that your establishments close early and that there's no Walmart in the vicinity? haha. I smiled for this picture, of course, but we were starving then. 
We got so used to the 24 hours establishments in Vegas that we didn't even think about the establishments closing early here.
Our first drive down Lombard Street which was way more beautiful in the morning.

Wala na kaming gas, wala pa kaming makain... haha.
We were already running out of gas and we couldn't find any open place to eat. So we first looked for a gasoline station and the closest was the one near Fishermans's Wharf. While refueling, we decided to cross a street to have a picture with the Fisherman's Whar Sign and this cable car. hahaha!

We didn't know if this one's prohibited since the car is only parked there but we quickly took pictures anyway. :)) Pag pinagalitan, edi bawal. 
After Fisherman's Wharf, we found a nearby Deli Store by Ghirardelli Square and there we were able to buy cans of soup and corned beef that we brought back to the lodge.

We only had a rice cooker with us so what we did was - cooked the rice first, reheated the corned beef and soup using the rice cooker. We also had some chicken left from our adobo and we reheated that too. hahahahaha! Grabe, the sacrifices noh. I can always eat good food here in the Philippines so kebs lang basta maka-lakwatsa. :))

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