USA 2016: North Lake Tahoe, California

By Tin Gallemaso - 12:41:00 PM

After checking out, off we go to our next destination - Reno, Nevada
But we decided to take our last look of Lake Tahoe at this outlook point. <3

I forgot the exact name of the place but this was after the cave rock tunnel. 
I definitely miss USA but I have another journey ahead of me. The best is yet to come nga, diba? 

Haaay, nalimutan ko lang, universe but I'm so backkkkkkkk. Kaya ko 'to. :)))
Ang payat ko tignan sa jacket na 'to. Hahaha!
Kissing Lake Tahoe goodbye!!! <3
Itsura pag nakakita ng fafa. HAHAHA!
I'm thinking if I should do swatches of my lipsticks hahahaha. Whatcha think? :))) Pakapalan na noh!!! HAHAHAHA. Sige, soon. <3
The road to Lake Tahoe kinda felt like New Zealand with the vast grassland and mountains. <3 Charot kala mo nakapunta na eh. :))

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