Little Wondang, The Yard, Xavierville

If you've been in this blog before, you would know that Korean is one of my favorite cuisines. But then, introducing it to people was never easy. Well, I kinda agree though 'cause it's also an acquired taste in my case... an acquired taste that I always crave for ever since. Haha! 

So if you're like me who have been having troubles introducing Korean cuisine to your friends, then I suggest you take them to Little Wondang - 'cause aside from the regular finds at a Korean Restaurant, there are food items that are familiar to the Filipino palate here. 
So there's a new food park in Xavierville, Katipunan called The Yard. I'm pretty sure you've heard about this somehow 'cause I always see it on Facebook since there are a lot of interesting food finds there and most are instagrammable at that.

Anyway, in that food park there's this Korean Cuisine stall called Little Wondang. I was so happy when I saw the choices especially 'cause they made their bibimbap a fusion of Filipino and Korean Cuisine.
Ordering longbimbap, tocbimbap or tapabimbap feels like a good start if you want to introduce Korean cuisine to your friends, or yourself perhaps if you haven't tried. 
This cutie kid did a great job in introducing their products to me. Hello there! I enjoyed your food a lot! :)
Pricelist of Little Wondang
Here's their classic bibimbap.

Aside from the flavor, I like it that they didn't scrimp on the vegetables and meat. For 145.00, this one's worth it!

And if  rice meals aren't enough for you, Little Wondang also have beef and pork slices for your samgyeopsal cravings. And yes, you can ask them to cook the meat for you or you can ask for a portable stove and grill your meat while catching up with your dear friends. 

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The Yard
Little Wondang 

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