USA 2016: Tunnels and Bridges, San Francisco, California

After this tunnel was our first look of the Golden Gate Bridge. <3
OMG!!!!!!! GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!!! Charu!!! pero di nagsi-sink in na nakarating na ko dyan. haha
Las Vegas is still my first choice, of course but if I were given the chance to choose where I want to live in the USA. I'll choose San Francisco. It's expensive there but it's a very beautiful place. <3 And it's called "Fog City" so... :) Medyo kahinayang actually na hindi ma-fog nung andun kame. Fogs are usually occurrent during summer. Nakita ko sa Instagram e. Mount Tamalpais!!! Huhubells. 
Since Zion National Park, I loved passing through the tunnels because of the beauty of seeing what's on the opposite end. 

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