USA 2016: Last Morning at San Francisco, California

We wanted to get up at 7 AM so that we'll have more time to go around San Francisco but we overslept and woke up at 10 AM when we were supposed to check out at 11 AM. Whatever, we were late anyway so we just took our time. It's a good thing they weren't so strict with the check-out time that we stayed until 12 NN without charges.

So while one is using the bathroom, we reheated the left over corned beef and rice from dinner. hahaha! That was the most delicious fried rice I've ever eaten. :)) 
Ang ganda ng San Francisco. Huhu. Sobra. 
We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge again, this time looking for a picture spot where we can take pictures with it.

Back then, we really felt that it was nearing the end. Huhuhuhu

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