USA 2016: San Francisco Bay Area Boat Tour, San Francisco, California

Walking around Pier 39, we passed by these boats and we saw that they were offering a 30 minutes boat ride in San Francisco Bay for $15.

It wasn't in the budget but we decided to do it nonetheless. That was the last anyway soooo :))

Paid $15 and then boarded the boat.
The boat went around the San Francisco Bay.

It went a little bit close to the Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Bridge, Oakland Bridge. Also, far enough from the port to see the beauty of San Francisco Bay Area.
Part of San Francisco Bay area skyline. 
Sea lions and ducks
We went near the sea lions too.

Story why they and how they arrived in the area: here. They've been there years before I was born. haha. How cool is that?

Did you know that you can view the sea lions of Pier 39 real time? Click here.
This one is a floating island with a restaurant and a lighthouse. 
The captain of our ship then asked a representative from each group of tourists to experience holding the steering wheel. haha. There I was, for the first time, representing the whole Philippines. CHAROT hahahaha
My brother owns a lot of pigeons so birds flying around isn't at all exciting anymore but I can't help but look up to see where these birds were heading.
They're flying in straight lines.
San Francisco Sunset!

I want to go back these one summer because I'd love to experience the fog in fog city. <3 The weather was so good to us when we were there that the sun was shining for two days without much clouds and fog. Hehe
I want to experience living in San Francisco!
Just like everything, the boat ride came to an end.. $15 was very worth it. Not only did we see several sights, the ship's captain was also very entertaining and informative.

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