Seven Flavors by Chef Boy Logro, Addition Hills, San Juan

 The four flavor categories we learned in Elementary are sweet, salty, sour, bitter. But of course, good food certainly doesn't taste as simple as those four. For a food that can make us "happy" with its balanced and well-rounded taste, we actually taste seven - umami, pungent, and astringent taste categories make the list of seven flavors complete. 

So will Seven Flavors live up to its name and make me "happy" after eating? Let's see. 

I wasn't able to capture a good picture of this wall design, too bad 'cause this is the one I pointed out as my favorite part of the place. Guess it's for you to see personally.

Anyway, I got a little bit confused when I entered the restaurant because I was expecting a buffet and there wasn't. Turns out that the buffet area is on the second floor of the building and the first floor serves ala carte meals. There's also a stage in the first floor. They haven't finalized the line-up yet but at present they have acoustic sessions every friday night. 

I went up to get my food and here below are the food choices. 
Salad Dressings
Soup, bread and butter
Pizza and Halo-halo

I liked the four cheese pizza. 
Dessert area.

Was supposed to go back for that mango tapioca 'cause I heard it was good but I got full already. 
There was an event and we had to share with them for the buffet spread that's why all food were fast moving. 
We had to stand there for minutes to wait for the waiter to refill the items. 
While waiting for the other items in the buffet, I asked Kuya to cook Teppanyaki for me. I had him cook chicken and shrimp. Since I'm a shrimp lover, I am very particular with how MY shrimps are cooked 'cause it's not unusual that I am served overcooked and rubbery shrimp. -_-

I liked that Seven Flavors' tasted fresh and were cooked just right. 
BBQ was good too. 
Took a picture of the DIY taco area but I didn't get any.
I felt like I can't miss this so I went up again. Good choice because this was my favorite out of all the food that are served there. Wasn't I full, I could've eaten three pieces of this. haha!

What's nice about this is it's a DIY so naturally, you're allowed to make it according to how you like it unlike in an ala carte restaurant where you just eat whatever they serve you. E gusto ko ng meat and cheese na tacos overload ganyan. haha. 

 And oh, the ground meat is flavorful on its own and compliments the white sauce very well. 
Fresh fruits are also available.
We were waiting for the teppanyaki to cook when they brought this sushis out so we were first to get. 

Taste wise, all are good but I just wish they had more choices since the viands were all fast-moving that night. But I don't mind having a taco, teppanyaki, sushi eat-all-you-can dinner though - sarap naman!
Love the crispy taco shell and the put all you can meat, white sauce, cheese. tomatoes and lettuce.

Again, since there was an event when we got there and the food were all moving fast. I wasn't able to taste everything but to be fair, those I tasted were all good. 
Overall, it was okay for me since I ate several food that I liked and I went home full. But I think they should add more items to the buffet spread especially during weekends when it's priced at P 600.00/person. 

Will I go back? Yes. I want to bring my family there only I'll prefer a weekday or a weeknight when it's priced cheaper at P 400.00/person for lunch and P 500.00/person for dinner.
I mentioned earlier that an event was happening when we were there, right? Apart from the buffet area, ala carte area, and the bakery they also have a function room which you can rent for your event. You'll have an eat-all-you-can buffet for your guests and no need to pay extra for the location. 

7 Flavors
Address: 196 A. Mabini Street, San Juan, 1556 Metro Manila
Contact Number: 543 0325

Thank you, Aldous for the invite! :)

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