SWATCHED: Etude House Sugar Tint Balm in Tomato Ketchup

Etude House Sugar Tint Balm in Tomato Ketchup used to be one of my go-to lip product for several months since I purchased it last year. The fall out was because I got even darker so I felt that the color didn't match me anymore. Not only that, I was re-introduced to red shade and was introduced to lipsticks with vivid colors that I haven't thought of grabbing this to bring with me anymore. 

This is me not wearing any lipstick.

This shall be the the only picture I'll be using in this series of posts to show you the natural color of my lips under all the lipstick color I wear.

This is usually how pale they look like. Although there are days like today that they look healthy pink. Hindi lang ako nakapag-picture. NAKS LAKAS MAKA-HEALTHY HAHAHA
As you can see, the container label has sort of worn off. Makes sense 'cause I have this for a year now. 
The product left in the tube. Konti na lang, oh. Di ko pa naubos. 
What it looks like when swatched on my hand.

The reason why I liked this a lot because it's not drying and it's not sticky. Though it doesn't last a long time when applied especially if you eat and drink, you can easily reapply because it's not heavy to the lips.

This one is a great starter product for someone who wants to enter the world of lipsticks. The feel is much like that of a lip balm yet there's color so it looks like a lipstick. Once you get used to having your lips "painted" and it eventually feels bare not wearing any, that's when you know that you can never go back. Not warning you to stay away but welcoming you to our 
colorful, addicting, costly pero sobrang nakakaganda't kabogera world! :D Sama-sama tayong magpakain sa sistema, mga besy! HAHAHA!

The color is buildable even if it is just a lip balm.

I don't swipe it on my lips though, I just dab it on. I like the color turn out more when I put only little amount of product on me. 
I tried putting it on for the sake of this review but my upper lip is acting up and is currently irritated and peeling because of a lip butter that I used to other day. This picture was only take last April though. Keri lang.


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