USA 2016: Colt Tower, San Francisco, California

I saw the replica of Colt Tower first at Legoland, California. We also saw this on our first night in San Francisco while we were in Pier 39. 

You can't see the Colt Tower in this picture though, but it's the Oakland - San Francisco bridge on the right and Lombard Street (the first street on the right too)
The city view is good in this area. (Ganda ng flag, noh?)

So if you're into skylines like me, better head to this part of the Telescope Hill. 

You may climb the stairs, ride the tram, or drive your car all the way to the Colt Tower area.
And there's an even higher place you can look into if you're willing to pay $7 for an elevator ride which we decided to forego.
I thought this was a paid restroom, turned out it's just a high-tech one that is programmed to disinfect itself after each use. Hahaha! Nagpa-picture talaga ko, noh. :)))

Sinabihan ako, "Sa banyo talaga?"

Bakit ba when this is the coolest public restroom I've seen!
I moved then, ayan na ah, hindi na mukhang sa banyo! May mapa na ng San Francisco. haha!
What it looks like inside. haha!!!

I really had to take pictures inside. I'm so sorry that I'm not sorry. :)))
For me, the view and the Colt Tower aren't the only ones worth visiting here. haha! This self-cleaning public restroom is an attraction already. I'm serious. You have to use this once in your lifetime. 
We skipped going up the escalator because of the fee. We've pretty much saw everything from all the skyline viewing area we went to anyway. 
Bakit pag-uwi ko, buhaghag na naman?!
And finally, this is the Colt Tower. 

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